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The US 'War of Territory'
Por Henk Ruyssenaars - Ex Africa correspondent - Thursday, Jan. 04, 2007 at 4:14 AM (Casilla de correo válida)

Ethiopia's CIA-backed troops will be home from Somalia within weeks they say. Leaving Somalia, with a few criminal warlords as 'government'. Some of the CIA-paid warlords are responsible for the U.S. defeat in 1993, dragging US Marine's corpses through the streets of Mogadishu. Now UN troops make the news raping children in Sudan. The US junta rapes more than that.

You're reading this on Internet because you are not supposed to know the facts about the US/CIA having another proxy war going on in Africa. And another 'Made in the USA' quagmire and 'blowback' coming up.


As a beautiful woman missing an eye...

Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - January 4, 2007 - Today the CIA's broadcasting station 'Voice of America' - which is one of the US Lie Factory's bigger propaganda outlets - has a typical and false headline about the situation the US junta for it's war machine has crated in the Horn of Africa: "Ethiopian Incursion Raises New Questions About Forging a Solution for Somalia."* This is the kind of 'media manure' they use to fertilize the battlefields, turning our blood into their gold. That's how part of that inhuman system works. It's not 'an Ethiopian incursion' as VOA says, but the usual CIA-backed war for territory and the control over as much of the natural resources as is possible and profitable. Anywhere. It's mostly done this way. First the US junta covertly creates the problem, then they state that they or their United Nations will 'forge a solution'. Whether the people in a country want this or not.


In the 'debate' and articles in the US junta's propaganda media concerning the illegal invasion of Somalia by the U.S. (tax) paid, equipped and trained Ethiopian and Ugandan troops, the words oil, gas and/or natural resources mostly are missing. Ordered by Washington's warmongers in their 'guidelines for the media' was that via their war propaganda people should not be made to wonder about the CIA and Ethiopia's breach of Somali sovereignty.* Or think about who's doing this again or why?

The story - Washington in it's ukase warned - should not be about the illegality of the CIA made invasion nor concerning the proven reserves of all natural resources in the area in this 'War of Territory'. Not a word is supposed to be said or published about the 25 billion cubic meters of natural gas in US colony Ethiopia, or the 'barrel billions' of oil in Somalia and Sudan. To the northern part Darfur - where most of the oil is and the Chinese must be thrown out - the US/NATO war planners intend to send 22.000 armed troops - so called UN 'peace keepers' to give 'humanitarian help.' The Dutch 'special UN observer' Jan Pronk was kicked out because he kept advocating the illegal and unwanted invasion of those 22.000 'UN" troops. Pronk was helping the US junta to get the oil, and not - as he claimed - to get help for the Sudanese people who needed it. It didn't matter apparently that at the same time - according to The Daily Telegraph (UK) - UN troops in south Sudan were raping children.* About which the UN spokesmen today say that 'they will investigate this serious matter.' As usual: the perpetrators investigating their own crimes...


The often used expression 'humanitarian help' is a US/UN euphemism for illegal occupation and literally more of a yoke than a bloody joke. At first and like nearly everywhere on earth the US and it's 'special forces' with psy-ops start making local problems. That includes slyly bombing friend and foe, blowing up people in markets and mosques, on ships or in airplanes and through 'false flag' operations they'll sow any form of hate and thus growing divisions among local people in the territories they want to rule. Whether it is in former USSR countries in Eastern Europe or in Africa. The people are than blamed for this US made 'civil war' and ten thousands of armed 'peace keepers' pour in to 'help'. Whether the people and government of a country want it or not. Latin America is high on the CIA/NED's hit list. With Venezuela's oil and president Hugo Chavez' humane idea's very close, it's probably next on the list of the US junta. The CIA's jackals* have already been at work for a long time there too. Because the US junta wants the oil and 'kill' the Chavez ideology that people are human beings. And not like a paper handkerchief to be used and thrown away. Not caring whether it rots in some garbage or is burned.

To realize the 'divide and rule' system they'll rape, torture, bomb and kill in every way possible, extensively 'reporting' the fakes too and even video filming the disasters which than always are blamed on 'al Qaeda' or something similar and unprovable. But when you ask why in the areas and countries where the US/UN is 'helping' with food etc. mostly vast natural resources or strategical advantages are found, or if you wonder why everywhere they force their help on people 'life expectancy' goes down, you won't get an honest answer. In extremely poor countries like Somalia and Ethiopia the US/UN, IMF, World Bank or European Union's (all the same 'firm') so called 'humanitarian help' has resulted in a deadly drop in 'life expectancy' from forty-eight years (48) to forty-three-dot-eight years. (43.8) The fake NGO's and other 'help organisations' combined with the US war machine also 'help' people in a premature grave. Like in all countries 'they' have colonized or try to usurp for their fake 'empire' and to 'create our own reality' as the Washington 'crazies' say. The US/London junta's creatures are in a rat race for global hegemony for their so called 'empire' but are not understanding that the 'winner' anyhow only will be a rat. As now is the case: their 'King Rat' is a bloody fake, an 'emperor' without clothes. Propped up by the crazies' Colossus on clay ankles.


False 'information' has been and is permanently distributed by global propaganda outlets like CNN, FOX or the BBC, with all global criminally collaborating junta media. And than the by the US 'run' United Nations produces the usual 'fig leaf' for the killing and drilling: some kind of 'UN resolution' asking for 'immediate help to solve this humanitarian problem'. With insiders and the manager's media calling it 'Genocide!', 'Catastrophe!', 'Rape!' or 'Starvation!' Problems which in most cases are one hundred percent 'made in the USA', covered up and enforced by Karl Rovian 'spin doctors' in the by the junta's London warlords* owned global media. That's where the professional liars and Judasses work and manipulate the facts. Without those traitors to mankind nearly all massacres would never have been possible nor justified by them afterwards. They are as much to blame as the worst war criminals. They - like the front men - have blood on their hands and hopefully will be severely punished for their crimes. One of the new 'front men' by the way, is the former Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon from US colony South Korea who is now installed at the helm of the UN and said what was on his brainwashed junta-slave mind. Stating at a press conference when asked about the illegal and inhuman lynching in Iraq of former US 'friend' and CIA ally Saddam Hussein and common sense: "Every country is responsible for meting out capital punishment". Absolutely not true and contrary to the UN Charter which this Moonie is supposed to guard and upheld to protect humanity.

In a very clumsy way his 'slip of the tongue' (gaffe) was later retracted. But that's how he and the US 'crazies' think. The fact that the US 'democrats' 'won' the last (again rigged election) does not make one iota of a difference. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between so called 'republicans' or 'democrats'. With only a few and rare exceptions those corrupt demo-rats also have voted for all the US junta's wars, shredding the Constitution and $trillions to be stolen from the tax payers. Everywhere. Also of course from the tax payers in the 27 European Union and other NATO countries. Not a sound of protest was heard from the 'democrats'. And the few that raised their voices - protesting the millions of people killed for profit of the group steering the war machine - those brave few were as much as is possible 'drowned' in the mainstream media's manipulating manure. The London warlords' strangling tentacles span the globe.*

It has to be understood that the globally through indoctrination used 'left' and 'right' are non-existent. It is all part of the 'divide and rule system' in a world which actually is split in 'givers' and 'takers'. The 'takers' are the human 'look alikes', the creatures without compassion which kill for money. The 'givers' are all we other people who ought to revolt. The present usuring system is inhuman and must be stopped. Human beings normally are not born bad, they are made bad. And respect for mankind and humanity is inbred to survive. Every baby starts with a clean slate.


People everywhere should learn to comprehend that the "Overlords", the financial group steering the for them profitable wars* is absolutely not interested in any 'slate' or mankind as human beings with their artificially dividing religions or politics. There's only one global goal for the rulers and that's the control of all natural resources in as much territory as is possible. As my long time favorite US troubadour Tom Lehrer always sang: "And when in doubt, send the Marines!"*

Like now again in the Horn of Africa. In Somalia it doesn't even matter to the warmongers to pay former killers of United States and UN troops or other by the local people despised characters. As long as the local collaborators do as the war profiteers say. Because whatever the criminal warlords in Somalia say, do or think: the 'Overlords' as their global masters 'run' the show and get the profits.

And there is NO law nor court anywhere in this world which can stop them. They are the 'untouchables'. They can make and break anything and everywhere they want, they think. And people start learning that apart from the sovereign 'Bank of England' in it's State within a State,* one of the other main heads of the Hydra hiding in Switzerland, is called BIS, the London group's 'Bank of International Settlements'. Settling all their bills and bank accounts... and deciding what the money in your pocket is worth. Let's hope that all of them in some Hell will be - like the first firing of clay - as the French say: “twice fired", Biscuit -


And they keep on killing journalists all over the world who investigate and ask questions about their systematic slaughter. One of the latest being journalist/lawyer Paul Sandford who apparently was 'suicided'. The junta with it's professional murderers* will kill anybody who is 'a bump in the road to their bank', in many personal cases making it look like suicide or just declaring it 'suicide'. The US with it's fascism is a totalitarian state and the killers think they can get away with this inhuman actions by declaring it 'for the national security or interest' or on a Presidential Order. - []

Author Justin Raimondo has a good point when writing: "The failed UN/U.S. intervention of 1993 led directly to the triumph of the warlords, who plundered, raped, and murdered their way through the streets of Mogadishu, the Somalian capital, and reduced the country to Mad Max territory. In response, an "Islamic courts" movement sprang up to impose some sort of cohesion on a rapidly disintegrating social order. The business community and public opinion rallied behind these courts, which were and are all that stand between civilization and savagery in Somalia.

As I’ve pointed out before, the long history of U.S. intervention in Somalia is a veritable case study of how and why American foreign policy always manages to generate the deadliest, most horrific "blowback," as the intelligence professionals put it. Blowback, a concept exhaustively explored in Chalmers Johnson’s classic book of the same title, means the unintended consequences of our bumbling, culturally tone-deaf, invariably unsuccessful efforts to manipulate local proxies to maximize our alleged national interests.


In the 1990s, the Americans intervened in the name of "humanitarianism," against the warlords; in the new millennium, we have tossed aside humanitarian concerns in favor of the ruthless pursuit of "terrorists," real or imagined. The former "warlords" hunted by U.S. troops and blamed for Somalia’s shocking degeneration into pure chaos are now aided and abetted by the Americans and their Ethiopian cohorts."

And those according to the Geneva Conventions war criminals apparently are the new 'front people' for the US junta's warlords. Somalian thugs which are the CIA's new 'friends' even if they killed and fought the US war machine before. The 'Black Hawk Down' story does not impress anybody making money out of blood. As the US junta's consigliere Heinrich Kissinger, this plague of humanity and war criminal #1, said aloud: "Soldiers are just dumb animals, to be used."

Concerning this, the well known Canadian foreign correspondent Eric Margolis writes about the US junta blundering into Somalia and this part of Africa: "The US-backed and financed Ethiopian offensive was clearly designed to crush the first stable government strife-torn Somalia has had in 15 years of civil war and anarchy. The new Islamic regime, known as the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), recently managed to bring law and order to much of southern and central Somalia. In the north, a secessionist group has proclaimed something called independent "Puntland."

The Union of Islamic Courts ended Somalia’s long civil war by crushing local warlords who were being armed and financed by the CIA. The US claims the Islamic Courts is a second Taliban-style movement containing "terrorists" involved in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in East Africa who will turn Somalia into a hotbed of anti-American subversion. The UIC denies these allegations.

More important, under the Bush/Cheney Administration, any movement that has the audacity to call itself "Islamic" immediately becomes a target of American hostility. The embarrassing total defeat of US-backed Somali warlords by the Islamic Courts militia led directly to Washington’s decision to press Ethiopia to invade Somalia. Ethiopia has one of Africa’s more powerful, well-trained armed forces with over 1,300 tanks and a modern air force that are now increasingly equipped and aided by the United States."*


As an observer of international affairs Eric Margolis is a very good writer who of course in this article on the new quagmire in Africa can not write everything he knows. But here again - like salt in the soup - I miss the words oil, gas and natural resources. It's a very good item, but the article is as a beautiful woman missing an eye.

Because globally the theft of oil and gas - plus the rest - is what this whole 'US junta made misery' is about again. It's definitely not about propaganda stories concerning the abuse of child soldiers, religion, local politics, the US home made bogeyman al Qaeda* or other malicious and US junta made catastrophes like their 9/11 'inside job', the 'Pearl Harbor' they wrote ten years in advance which they 'needed' to get their 'Project for a New America' started. It is pure fascism what they do.

Whatever 'they' say: look at their deeds because in reality it is a terror war for territory and control of the natural resources.

Fuel for the US/London junta and it's Golem war machine.*

Turning our life and death into their power and profit.

Nothing else.


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* The Dutch author this far has lived and worked abroad - never in an English speaking country - for more than 4 decades for international media as an independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism!

* FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:

Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands


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