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IRAN: the Squall and US/NATO's Bloodlust Without Borders
Por Henk Ruyssenaars - Friday, Sep. 29, 2006 at 8:59 AM (Casilla de correo válida)

The US war machine is moving another 12.000 troops to the south of Afghanistan, smack on the border of Iran. NATO is freeing up US forces for the war against Iran which has a warp speed torpedo - the Squall - as a bad surprise in store. But, the USS Eisenhower leaves next Tuesday with a war fleet, so maybe we'll see the 'Hormuz one-way Streets'?


Remember what happened at Las Malvinas? The UK?

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF-Europe - Sept. 29th 2006 - Preparing the illegal war against Iran at meetings in Brussels last year and two weeks ago, today in Portoroz in Slovenia and at NATO headquarters it was confirmed: before the end of this year the US trained and dominated NATO forces should become 'openly involved' in the US occupation and wars against the local resistance in Afghanistan. No more so called and fake 'reconstruction': the US/NATO mask is off. NATO troops are taking over the further fight against the resistance in Afghanistan too, furthering US economical goals. And making every foreigner a target.

The falsely named "International Security Assistance Force" (Isaf) - the occupation and war forces deployed in Afghanistan - should according to US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and likewise infamous NATO 'secretary general' Dutchman Jaap de Hoop Scheffer* count around fifty-four-thousand (54.000) troops by the end of this year. It's not realistic, but they keep working at it behind the scenes of the 'war theaters'. Looking at the map shows that it is the border of Iran - Url.:

The people of the 26 NATO countries are usually never asked concerning those matters, since human beings normally abhor illegal war and the again ongoing global bloodshed. Nor have people anywhere been consulted whether they want to foot the bill for all the US/NATO's war crimes. Which they of course do not want to do. That's why the gorish group advocating this war - and their criminal media megaphones - never mention the fact that Iran is five times bigger than Iraq and has an already occupation and atrocities resisting angry and mutilated population which is much larger than the overwhelming resistance in Iraq.


Omitted by the war schemers is also the fact that Iran has a much better and bigger, well trained army, for which Iran - with a lot of oil billions at hand - all the time has bought the latest most modern weapons. Most from US's 'arch enemy' Russia, but also US weapon systems from the 'open market' - to be used in defense against any invaders. They also bought, tested last April and now can use the Squalls, a super fast torpedo making some kind of warp speed under water, and which can carry a nuclear warhead historically altering sea warfare, but only for the worse. - Test:


''The USS Eisenhower to deploy to Mideast'' - wrote the 'Daily Press' in the US yesterday. After four years in the mothballs even this written off old sea horse was drafted again into the war, and is scheduled to sail next Tuesday with a whole aircraft carrier battle group from Norfolk. It's the same stupid and inhuman Rumsfeld script again, as with the disaster in Iraq etc. ''The aircraft carrier Eisenhower, fresh from refueling and overhaul at Northrop Grumman Newport News, sails Tuesday from Norfolk to relieve the USS Enterprise in the Middle East. - [Concerning 'Mideast' and 'relieve' you can think what ever you feel like - HR]

Commanded by Rear Adm. Allen G. Myers, the 'Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group' also includes the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage, guided-missile destroyer USS Mason and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News. All have their home port in Norfolk. There are about 6,500 sailors in the group. The Eisenhower went into Northrop Grumman Newport News in May 2001 for almost four years. It has since completed training exercises in anticipation of this deployment.*


Even most people involved in the US/Israeli war machine have not been informed about what awaits them and their their war fleet, including all the thousands aboard the aircraft carriers and crews of nuclear submarines. Because Iran has already tested and can use a super torpedo named Squall* - which they like France and China bought from Russia. And which, according to weapons and naval warfare specialists, this far only spells total disaster for the war fleet of the US and the 'Coalition of the Killing. Not to talk about the other missiles available. The fact that they - with by the way disastrous results - have secretly been training their noisy nuclear subs with the so called 'neutral' Swedish diesel/electric submarine 'Gotland' - out of San Diego naval base - won't help. The Swedish submarine 'Gotland' was contracted for two years by the US Navy because it is of the same 'machine noise make' as the three Iranian Kilo-SS subs bought from Russia, and - compared to the nuclear US subs - rather silent.


Against the super torpedo Squall and it's warp speed, 'Jane's Defense Weekly' wrote: no submarine or other ship is a match yet. Maybe that's exactly what they want? What the warmongers have planned to sacrifice? Or again orchestrate themselves? Another scare like the US home-made 'Pearl Harbor' - the 'false flag' 9/11 massacre to trigger yet another bloody war for the 'Project for a New American Century'? They didn't care about the 3000 killed in the WTC drama: why would they care about 5000 aboard a US aircraft carrier? The USS Eisenhower is an old ship, isn't she? The blood- and profit lust of this group steering the US/Israeli war machine, seems to be without borders or any kind of human decency: ''the goal justifies the means'' - as Machiavelli and the 'crazies' malignant mentor Strauss said.

In any case, also the US Marine Corps seems to be preparing for more wars, scraping the bottom of the barrel and announcing the use of 'Individual Ready Reserve' (IRR) troops. Three years of combat in Iraq, and five in Afghanistan has caught up with the marines. To start with and 'officially' they are calling up 2,500 IRR troops, and about 58,000 IRR troops can be 'used'. Whether they want to kill and get DU poisoned or not. They're also trying to get retired IRR and marines to re-enlist, but the false 'patriotism' has dwindled. People don't want to die for a lie, it seems.

According to today's The Independent: The deployment will mean that 14,000 of Nato's 32,000 International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) troops under British command would be provided by the US, its biggest contingent under foreign control since the Second World War. The US troop transfer had been expected later in the year, but officials said the fierce nature of the fighting with the Taliban in the south made it necessary to pool British, Dutch and Canadian troops under Nato with separate US forces.*


The regrouping and further expanding of US/NATO troops on the borders of Iran is one more of many warning signs on the wall for further US/Israeli acts of war aggression. The growing resistance by the occupied people everywhere, in Afghanistan as usual is blamed on 'the Taliban' - 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' - and falsely labeled 'terrorism'. But in the US's propaganda media it's never said that, apart from some military occupation bases and a small part of the capital Kabul, most of Afghanistan is in the hands of the war lords and the people which resist the US and troops of the 'Coalition of the Killing'. After five years and many tax $billions the country side is deadly and 'Out of Bounds' - a mortal danger for all illegal occupation forces. Collaborating (tax paid) Dutch DU-dummies, armed and in uniform, were by the thousands flown into south Afghanistan by plane, but are after a year still waiting for their 'bomb-proof' containers to live and sleep in. The armored containers can not be transported on the road, because the convoy is attacked and bombed by the Afghani resistance before it has made many kilometers. So they still sleep in tents, maybe understanding they are hated while daily attacked with mortars too.


In England Defence Secretary Des Browne confirmed that - like the US: ''NATO had seriously underestimated the strength of the Taliban and the violent resistance faced by Western forces in Afghanistan. Since January, 140 foreign troops have been killed in fighting or accidents during operations.'' - And that's the official figure, so it must be worse.

The Independent: "The ministers yesterday also agreed to provide substantial amounts of military equipment for the Afghan army, which has already been fighting alongside Nato troops." This just means that the US/Israel war machine further empties NATO's many (tax paid) storages of weaponry and ammunition in all forms and sizes: the weapon factories of the multinationals are making $billions. In the eyes of human beings that is 'blood money' - but for the warmongers it's just profit. A million dead? They don't care a damn. A $million profit? Not bad! - they think.

And even knowing all this: that the 9/11 massacre was a US/Israeli inside job* - and thus NATO 'assistance' to the US absolutely illegal and unjust* - and also knowing the other lies, this disgusting creature Jaap de Hoop Scheffer keeps slavishly bootlicking. This US 'house slave' used the Nato meeting in Slovenia to - together with Rumsfeld and other US henchmen - twist arms, bribe and bully other countries to send more troops to their death on the bloody and already 'lost' battlefields. Not even Alexander the Great could occupy and control the people in this area.

Like many people globally, Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov is really fed up with the US warmongers further colonializing the Caucasus region with the CIA's covert actions: he threatened yesterday to send two divisions of Russian troops to the border with Georgia which the US wants to enter NATO.

Ivanov called Georgia - like many US colonies with a US/CIA commercial gang as 'government' - a 'bandit state'.

But in Washington and the Pentagon 'the crazies' call it part of the 'Project for a New American Century'.


Henk Ruyssenaars


* AP (Assorted Propaganda) Story at - Url.:

* UNDERWATER MISSILE - The VA-111 Shkval (Squall) supercavitating torpedo, shown here being launched from a Russian Navy Oscar II-class submarine, rockets to a speed over 200 mph, which would give a targeted vessel little chance to evade it. The Streets of Hormuz can be blocked in 10 seconds flat. - Url.:

* SQUALL SOLD TO IRAN - The Soviet navy secretly introduced a rocket-powered torpedo called the Shkval (Squall) that can "fly" through water at 100 meters per second - about 230 miles per hour - or more, inside a self-generated gas cavity. With a nuclear-tipped underwater missile. - Url.:

* USS Eisenhower + US war fleet - Url.:

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Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands





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