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[Indymedia seizure news] confirmed the Bologna's ties and FBI excess
Por IMC-Italia - Mat ((i)) - Thursday, Oct. 14, 2004 at 6:21 AM

The order that originated the seizure of indymedia's hard disks in London's offices of Rackspace comes from Bologna; only today we received an official confirmation.

Marina Plazzi, the judge in charge of investigations upon FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation) and the "bomb-threats" delivered to the President of the EU Commission Romano Prodi, ordered to acquire informations about some posts published on Italy.Indymedia (detail that shows the tight attention that courts dedicate to indymedia work).
the "extreme" action of FBI (that implied an actual seizure) was following that order and (obviously) has not been confirmed.

So far we are still not able to see the papers of the US orders in order to understand what exactly happened, but slowly some light is shed upon the events.

But this is not the end: the police attitude to seize without justification material and to go beyond repressive measures, already not acceptable, does not end with the raid of Diaz and Pascoli during Genoa's G8, neither with the seizure of Indymedia video materials about the same G8 in 2002 or with this event.

Updates very soon

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