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Es Un Día Triste Para La Libertad
Por Rolf - Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 2:32 PM

¿El asesino judío Samuel Sheinbein se sienta en un disco de Tel Aviv el fines de semana pero un Zundel está en la prisión?

Preso político Ernst Zundel en Alemania de marcha la 2 de 2005 Ernst se sienta en un coche del policía en Mannheim, Alemania Escoltado en la prisión de Mannheim Prisión De Mannheim Noticias de CTV de Canadá

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Por XX - Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 8:00 PM


Watch a video about Auschwitz by an honest Jew (David Cole).

http://reportersnotebook.com/video/david_cole/david_cole_high_resolution.wmv (68 MB 176x144 WMV1)

Some articles to read:

Jewish Revisionist Tours Auschwitz & Uncovers The Truth (VIDEO).

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Por Sandy - Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 8:09 PM

Some more downloads for the "An honest Jew (David Cole) visits Auschwitz and Reports" video.

For the first two links you must enter

User Name: visitor
Password: download

http://vho.org/dl/ENG/cole.ra (20 MB Codec: RV13 Real Media 160x112)
http://vho.org/dl/ENG/DavidColeatAuschwitz.wmv (44 MB Codec: WMV2 240x180)
http://www.solargeneral.com/av/DavidColeatAuschwitz.wmv http://reportersnotebook.com/video/david_cole/david_cole_high_resolution.wmv (68 MB Codec: WMV1 176x144). Lower quality and larger file-size. Only download this if all the others are unavailable.

The entire transcript of the video is available at http://www.vho.org/GB/c/DC/gcgvcole.html

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Por Bro - Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 9:09 PM

You may also be interested in these Liberty Forum pages: MANY HI-RESOLUTION VIDEOS OF 9/11 (AND MORE).

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Por Terry Graham - Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 11:33 PM
teegra22@yahoo.com USA

En el EEUU, tenemos libertard. O? Nuestra Constitcion y "Bill of Rights", explican los derechos -- que son dados por Dios. #1 es poder hablar, conversar, discutir con libertad. Ernst Zundel es una victima de los que quieran tomar nuestra libertard, y terminar nuestros derechos. Pero, repito que estos derechos son de Dios, y solo Dios puede cambiarlos. Ellos no son Dios, y nosotros no somos esclavos. Ya veremos que pasara!

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Por AUSCHWITZ - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 12:59 AM

The Ever Diminishing Numbers of
Alleged Dead in Auschwitz


Source: Cited by the French documentary, Night and Fog, which has been shown to millions of school students worldwide.


Source: The French War Crime Research Office, Doc. 31, 1945.


Source: Also cited by the French War Crime Research Office.


Source: Cited in the book Auschwitz Doctor by Miklos Nyiszli. It has since been proven that this book is a fraud and the "doctor" was never even at Auschwitz, even though the book is often cited by historians.

5,000,000 to 5,500,000

Source: Cited in 1945 at the trial of Auschwitz commander Rudolf Höss, based on his confession which was written in English, a language he never spoke.


Source: Cited on April 20, 1978 by the French daily, Le Monde. Also cited on January 23, 1995 by the German daily Die Welt. By September 1, 1989, Le Monde reduced the figure to 1,433,000.


Source: In 1945 this figure was cited by another witness at the aforementioned Höss trial.


Source: Cited by a Soviet document of May 6, 1945 and officially acknowledged by the Nuremberg War Crimes trial. This figure was also reported in The New York Times on April 18, 1945, although 50 years later on January 26, 1995, The New York Times and The Washington Post slashed the figure to 1,500,000 citing new findings by the Auschwitz Museum officials. In fact, the figure of 4,000,000 was later repudiated by the Auschwitz museum officials in 1990 but the figure of 1,500,000 victims was not formally announced by Polish President Lech Walesa until five years after the Auschwitz historians had first announced their discovery.


Source: Cited in the 1991 edition of the Dictionary of the French Language and by Claude Lanzmann in 1980 in his introduction to Filip Muller's book, Three Years in an Auschwitz Gas Chamber.


Source: Cited in a forced confession by Rudolf Höss, the Auschwitz commander who said this was the number of those who had died at Auschwitz prior to Dec. 1, 1943. Later cited in the June 7, 1993 issue of Heritage, the most widely read Jewish newspaper in California, even though three years previously the authorities at the Auschwitz museum had scaled down the figure to a minimum of 1,100,000 and a maximum of 1,500,000. (see below).


Source: Cited by Rudolf Vrba (an author of various fraudulent accounts of events he claims to have witnessed at Auschwitz) when he testified on July 16, 1981 for the Israeli government's war crimes trial of former SS official Adolf Eichmann.


Source: Cited by Leon Poliakov (1951) writing in Harvest of Hate; Georges Wellers, writing in 1973 in The Yellow Star at the Time of Vichy; and Lucy Dawidowicz, writing in 1975 in The War Against the Jews.

2,000,000 to 4,000,000

Source: Cited by Yehuda Bauer in 1982 in his book, A History of the Holocaust. However, by 1989 Bauer revised his figure to 1,600,000.


Source: This is a 1989 revision by Yehuda Bauer of his earlier figure in 1982 of 2,000,000 to 4,000,000, Bauer cited this new figure on September 22, 1989 in The Jerusalem Post, at which time he wrote "The larger figures have been dismissed for years, except that it hasn't reached the public yet."


Source: In 1995 this was the number of Auschwitz deaths announced by Polish President Lech Walesa as determined by those at the Auschwitz museum. This number was inscribed on the monument at the Auschwitz camp at that time, thereby "replacing" the earlier 4,000,000 figure that had been formally repudiated (and withdrawn from the monument) five years earlier in 1990. At that time, on July 17, 1990 The Washington Times reprinted a brief article from The London Daily Telegraph citing the "new" figure of 1,500,000 that had been determined by the authorities at the Auschwitz museum. This new figure was reported two years later in a UPI report published in the New York Post on March 26, 1992. On January 26, 1995 both The Washington Post and The New York Times cited this 1,500,000 figure as the new "official" figure (citing the Auschwitz Museum authorities).


Source: This is a 1983 figure cited by Georges Wellers who (as noted previously) had determined, writing in 1973, that some 2,000,000 had died.


Source: This figure was cited on September 1, 1989 by the French daily, Le Monde, which earlier, on April 20, 1978, had cited the figure at 4,000,000.


Source: In the book, The Destruction of the European Jews, by Raul Hilberg (1985).

1,100,000 to 1,500,000

Source: Sources for this estimate are Yisrael Gutman and Michael Berenbaum in their 1984 book, Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp. This estimate was later also cited by Walter Reich, former director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, writing in The Washington Post on September 8, 1998. The upper figure of 1,500,000 is (the new) "official" figure as now inscribed at Auschwitz, with the earlier figure of 4,000,000 having been removed from the memorial at the site of the former concentration camp.


Source: Jean-Claude Pressac, writing in his 1989 book Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers. This is interesting since he wrote his book to repudiate so-called "Holocaust deniers" who were called that precisely because they had questioned the numbers of those who had died at Auschwitz.


Source: Reported on August 3, 1990 11, by Aufbau, a Jewish newspaper in New York.

800,000 to 900,000

Source: Reported by Gerald Reitlinger in his book, The Final Solution.

775,000 to 800,000

Source: Jean-Claude Pressac's revised figure, put forth in his 1993 book, The Crematoria of Auschwitz: The Mass Murder's Machinery, scaling down his earlier claim of 1,000,000 dead.

630,000 to 710,000

Source: In 1994 Pressac scaled his figure down somewhat further; this is the figure cited in the German language translation of Pressac's 1993 book originally published in French. Again, this is substantially less than Pressac's 1989 figure of 1,000,000.

135,000 to 140,000

Source: This is an estimate based on documents held by the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross. It is known that International Tracing Service has a complete set of registration documents. This is thought to include a complete set of roll-call data which includes twice daily tallies of those who died. Although the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross has such records, they have never officially published an accurate count of those who died, or even an accurate report as to exactly which documents they hold. However, totals from these records have been obtained by various interested parties.

The estimate of 135,000 is roughly corroborated by the "Auschwitz death books." The death books themselves are wartime German camp records, which were captured by the Soviets towards the end of the war, and hidden in Soviet achieves, until released to the Red Cross in 1989.

The death books consist of 46 volumes which document each death at Auschwitz (each death certificate consists of the deceased person's full name, profession and religion, date and place of birth, pre-Auschwitz residence, parents' names, time of death, and cause of death as determined by a camp physician). The records for the most important years, 1942 and 1943, are almost complete (there are also a few volumes for the year 1941, but none for the year 1944 or January 1945 (when Auschwitz was evacuated)).

The Auschwitz death books contain the death certificates of some 69,000 individuals, of whom about 30,000 were listed as Jews. You may view various entries in the Auschwitz Death Books by clicking on the following links to the Auschwitz museum:

About the Auschwitz Death Books
Searching the Auschwitz Death Books

Using all available wartime records from the various camps it has been estimated that between 400,000 and 500,000 people died in the German concentration camp system (from all causes).


The above mentioned, ever declining numbers of alleged dead at Auschwitz, are graphically illustrated by the following pictures of plaques from the camp.

The first is the plaque that was on display at the Auschwitz camp from 1948 until 1989 (note the "4 million" victims).

The second is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz.

Note the dramatically reduced number of victims, now only 1.5 million.

A casual reduction in the number of deaths by some 2.5 million.

Deaths at Auschwitz drop by a whopping 2.5 million, but 6,000,000 dead Jews, remains the same.


Some entries from the Auschwitz death books.

According to the holocaust legend, Jewish prisoners who arrived at Auschwitz between the spring of 1942 and the fall of 1944, and who were not able to work, were immediately put to death and that no records were kept of such deaths (even though all other deaths where recorded in detail).

German journalist and researcher Wolfgang Kempkens, obtained copies of some 800 of the death certificates from sources in Poland and Russia. Reproductions of 30 of these certificates appeared in the article "Pages From The Auschwitz Death Registry Volumes" by Mark Weber, Journal of Historical Review vol 12 p 265.

We provide the following selection from the 30, to show that the old and weak appear among the death certificates of the Auschwitz death books, proving that the claim that "all who were not able to work, were immediately put to death" is false.

Josef Hoffmann, a Jewish butcher, was 89 years old when he died of "old age" on June 22, 1942.

Abraham Stieber, a Jewish salesman from Slovakia, was 79 years old when he died on July 2, 1942, of "old age."

Chaim Richter, a Jewish salesman, was 81 years old when he died in Auschwitz on March 1, 1942, of "weakness of old age."

Josephine Kohn, a Jewish inmate born in Hungary who had been living in Leipzig, was 69 years old when she died on February 10, 1943. Auschwitz camp physician Dr. Kitt reported "weakness of old age" as the cause of death.

Emil Kaufmann, a Jewish attorney deported from Germany, was 78 years old when he died of "old age" on February 15, 1943. "Weakness of old age" is given as the cause of death.

Julius Sonnenberg, a salesman from Germany, was 65 years old when he died on February 27, 1943, of "angina pectoris." His religion is cited as "non-believing, formerly Jewish."

Abraham Blok, a Jewish butcher from the Netherlands, was 70 years old when he died of "old age" on March 6, 1943.

Jettchen Fuld, a Jewish inmate, was 67 years old when she died on October 10, 1942. Old age and physical weakness is given as the cause of death.

Salomon Serlui, a Jewish laborer from the Netherlands, was 67 years old when he died in Auschwitz on October 16, 1942. Camp physician Dr. Kremer reported a stomach ulcer as the cause of death.

Renö Hirschfeld, a Jewish tailor born in Berlin in 1878, was 64 years old when he died on November 2, 1942. Camp physician Dr. Kitt reported "weakness of old age" as the cause of death.

Armin Horn, a Jewish salesman deported to the camp from Slovakia, died on August 19, 1942, at the age of 70. Camp physician Dr. Thilo recorded the cause of death as "accumulation of fluid in the intestine and weakness of old age."

This Auschwitz camp death certificate reports that prisoner Josef Buck, a Jewish teacher from Kattowitz, was 65 years old when he died on August 1, 1941. "Weakness of old age" is given as the cause of death.

Josek Nisenkorn, a Jewish laborer, was 71 years old when he died in Auschwitz on August 11, 1941. "Weakness of old age" is given as the cause of death by camp physician Dr. Siegfried Schwela, who himself later died of typhus.

Samuel Mandel, a Jewish tailor, was 74 years old when he died in Auschwitz on March 26, 1942. Physician Dr. Entress reported the cause of death as "influenza with heart failure."

Ernestine Hochfelder, a Jewish inmate who had been deported to the camp from Slovakia, was 70 years old when she died in Auschwitz on June 4, 1942. "Physical weakness and old age" is cited as the cause of death.

David Reichman, a Jewish farmer, was 70 years old when he died on July 22, 1942, of "old age."

This selection has been chosen to illustrate that the old and weak where not "immediately gassed" as is often claimed, and to point out that according to the death records, many died of old age.


More from the Auschwitz death books.

According to the holocaust legend, Jewish prisoners who arrived at Auschwitz between the spring of 1942 and the fall of 1944, and who were not able to work, were immediately put to death and that no records were kept of such deaths (even though all other deaths where recorded in detail).

By entering Josef Hoffmann's name into the Auschwitz museum data base, one finds:

Hoffmann, Josef
(1852-08-12 ÷ 1942-06-22)
Birthplace: Vrutky, Place of Residence: Vrutky, Denomination: mosaisch

which agrees with the facts stated above, namely:
Josef Hoffmann, a Jewish butcher, was 89 years old when he died of "old age" on June 22, 1942.
Why was this 89 year old butcher not immediately gassed by the Nazis on reaching Auschwitz?
Why did the Nazis choose him as a camp worker and thus record his name in the death books when he died?

What do you suppose this 89 year old butcher was doing for the Nazis?

Making sausages perhaps? Or making lamp-shades from Jews?

Please, tell me. Inquiring minds wish to know.

Check it out with the Auschwitz museum database:

Death Books

About the "Death Books"   |   How to Search   |   FAQ
Last name:
First name:
Place of Residence:

And what of these two ninety year old ladies:

Königstein, Anna Sara
(1852-12-30 ÷ 1943-12-27)
Birthplace: Poleschowitz, Place of Residence: Theresienstadt, Denomination: mosaisch

Ružička, Marie
(1852-12-10 ÷ 1943-05-12)
Birthplace: Klattau, Place of Residence: Gross Dobray, Denomination: katholisch

Why do you suppose these two old ladies were chosen for work by the Nazis? To make tea, perhaps?

Check it out with the Auschwitz museum database:

Death Books

About the "Death Books"   |   How to Search   |   FAQ
Last name:
First name:
Place of Residence:

Or what of these 4 year olds?

Weiβ, Waldtraud
(1939-03-13 ÷ 1943-03-25)
Birthplace: Oldenburg, Place of Residence: Oldenburg, Denomination: katholisch

Stein, Gisela
(1939-03-02 ÷ 1943-04-11)
Birthplace: Stolzenau, Place of Residence: Bremen, Denomination: evangelisch

Pfeiffer, Frieda
(1939-06-05 ÷ 1943-06-16)
Birthplace: Kitzladen, Place of Residence: Markt Alhau, Denomination: katholisch

What labor do you suppose they preformed for the Nazis?

And what of this 122 year old lady !?!?!?

Kohn, Elisabeth
(1819-12-08 ÷ 1942-08-15)
Birthplace: Trencin, Place of Residence: Trencin, Denomination: mosaisch

Why do you suppose she was chosen for work by the Nazis? To make coffee, perhaps?

Like all ladies, she probably lied about her age.

Check it out with the Auschwitz museum database:

Death Books

About the "Death Books"   |   How to Search   |   FAQ
Last name:
First name:
Place of Residence:

Below is a break-down of the death certificates from Auschwitz by age.

 Age Group  Number  Percentage 

There were 10,681 deaths among those over the age of 50, and 3,225 among those below the age of 15. These 10,681 + 3,225 = 13,906 deaths imply a camp population of some 100,000 to 150,000 prisoners, either, over the age of 50 or below the age of 15. Few of these 100,000 to 150,000 prisoners could be considered "fit for work" and according to the holocaust myth, should have been immediately gassed. The existence of death certificates for those (among this huge group) that died, by itself, proves that the Auschwitz holocaust story is indeed a myth. Taken together with all the other evidence, it is clear that the holocaust myth is another deliberate Jewish deception that has been force fed to the public for the last 60 years.


The following is a list of those persons over the age of 80 whose names occur in the "Auschwitz death books".

122 Kohn, Elisabeth (1819-12-08 1942-08-15) Birthplace: Trencin, Residence: Trencin, Religion: Jew
90 Königstein, Anna Sara (1852-12-30 1943-12-27) Birthplace: Poleschowitz, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew
90 Ruzicka, Marie (1852-12-10 1943-05-12) Birthplace: Klattau, Residence: Gross Dobray, Religion: Catholic
89 Hoffmann, Josef (1852-08-12 1942-06-22) Birthplace: Vrutky, Residence: Vrutky, Religion: Jew
88 Strauss, Arnold (1853-12-29 1942-06-22) Birthplace: Bobrow, Residence: Banska Bystrica, Religion: Jew
88 Herzberg, Johann (1854-12-25 1943-04-07) Birthplace: Wöllnitz, Residence: Gotenhafen, Religion: Catholic
87 Zagolkin, Nikifor (1856-00-00 1943-12-05) Birthplace: Styriki, Residence: Styriki, Religion: Greek Orthodox
87 Horvath, Anna (1856-03-07 1943-05-10) Birthplace: Schreibersdorf, Residence: Althodis, Religion: Catholic
86 Kannengießer, Leopold (1855-08-10 1942-07-14) Birthplace: Neu Sandez, Residence: Presov, Religion: Jew
86 Strukow, Praskowja (1857-00-00 1943-11-09) Birthplace: Wierieczi, Residence: Kalzy, Religion: Greek Orthodox
86 Strojny, Jozefa (1857-02-23 1943-11-08) Birthplace: Sulejow, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic
86 Kreutz, Elisabeth (1857-04-03 1943-07-31) Birthplace: Römershausen, Residence: Dortmund, Religion: Protestant
85 Zegolkin, Domna (1858-00-00 1943-12-23) Birthplace: Malchaty, Residence: Lopatki, Religion: Greek Orthodox
85 Laski, Apolonia (1858-00-00 1943-12-21) Birthplace: Dubowik, Residence: Sawin Dub, Religion: Greek Orthodox
85 Karpowicz, Wasilij (1858-00-00 1943-11-09) Birthplace: Borisow, Residence: Borisow, Religion: Greek Orthodox
85 Berousek, Cecilie (1857-10-04 1943-03-31) Birthplace: Frauenberg (Budweis) , Residence: Bistrowan, Religion: Catholic
85 Weiß, Eva (1858-01-04 1943-05-04) Birthplace: Gehaus, Residence: Unterrückersbach, Religion: Catholic
85 Petermann, Maria (1858-02-01 1943-05-26) Birthplace: Sennheim, Residence: Berlin NO 55, Religion: Catholic
84 Grysimienko, Achriem (1859-00-00 1943-12-09) Birthplace: Lipinki, Residence: ---, Religion: Unknown
84 Wesolowski, Malgorzata (1859-00-00 1943-11-18) Birthplace: Witonia, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic
84 Jonasz, Moric (1858-06-17 1942-06-23) Birthplace: Lest, Residence: Banska Bystrica, Religion: Jew
83 Spindler, Blondina Josefa (1859-07-22 1943-06-22) Birthplace: Gnotzheim, Residence: Filzingen, Religion: Catholic
83 Baranow, Anastasija (1860-00-00 1943-11-01) Birthplace: Dworiszcza, Residence: Jakowlewo, Religion: Greek Orthodox
83 Schkomarovsky, Ester Sara (1860-03-00 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Kyjov, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew
83 Bardaczow, Nikita (1860-05-00 1943-10-08) Birthplace: Plaszkowo, Residence: Plaszkowo, Religion: Greek Orthodox
83 Weiss, Moritz (1859-03-07 1942-07-14) Birthplace: Ilwes, Residence: Presov, Religion: Jew
83 Prager, Reinhold (1860-02-02 1943-04-12) Birthplace: Sankt Sanglow, Residence: München-Bernsdorf, Religion: Protestant
83 Schneck, Kreszentia (1860-02-10 1943-04-16) Birthplace: Rohrdorf, Residence: Ravensburg-Ummenwinkel, Religion: Catholic
83 Frank, Max (1859-05-10 1942-06-25) Birthplace: Velké-Surovce, Residence: Piestany, Religion: Jew
83 Heiman, Ernestine (1859-04-08 1942-04-22) Birthplace: Banovce nad Bebravou, Residence: Trencin, Religion: Jew
83 Rostalski, Jadwiga (1860-10-25 1943-11-01) Birthplace: Falkenhof, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic
82 Friedrich, Theodor (1860-10-04 1943-06-03) Birthplace: Groß-Küdde, Residence: Berlin N 54, Religion: Catholic
82 Horvath, Ignaz (1860-09-27 1943-05-06) Birthplace: Zahling, Residence: Zahling, Religion: Catholic
82 Buriansky, Marie (1860-11-11 1943-03-16) Birthplace: Brockesdorf, Residence: Stadt-Liebau, Religion: Catholic
82 Knopf, Agnes Sara (1861-11-28 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Unknown
82 Rosenberg, Elisabeth (1861-04-21 1943-05-10) Birthplace: Klein-Wanzleben, Residence: Berlin-Marzahn, Religion: Catholic
81 Welkewitz, Chana Sara (1862-01-20 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Unknown
81 Sommer, Luzie Sara (1862-04-03 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Raudnitz an der Elbe, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew
81 Vohryzek, Leopold (1862-03-30 1943-12-22) Birthplace: Hermannstädtl bei Chrudim, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew
81 Richter, Chaim (1860-08-18 1942-03-01) Birthplace: Krenau, Residence: Krenau, Religion: Jew
81 Herrmann, Katharina (1862-03-28 1943-10-08) Birthplace: Eisenau, Residence: Sielanki, Religion: Catholic
81 Holomek, Johann (1861-09-26 1943-03-31) Birthplace: Napajedl, Residence: Napajedl, Zigeunerlager, Religion: Catholic
81 Bello, Martin (1862-03-25 1943-07-21) Birthplace: Niederfinow bei Berlin, Residence: Halle an der Saale, Religion: Catholic
81 Pollak, Josef (1861-01-20 1942-04-26) Birthplace: Rajec, Residence: Rajec, Religion: Jew
81 Neumann, Betti (1862-09-28 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Wohnort nicht bekannt, Religion: Unknown
81 Szewczyk, Zdzislaw (1862-10-27 1943-12-18) Birthplace: Tarnobrzeg, Residence: Moschin, Religion: Catholic
81 Gruszczynski, Maria (1862-06-16 1943-07-21) Birthplace: Klonowa, Residence: Litzmannstadt-Chojny, Religion: Catholic
81 Subrt, Nepomucena (1862-06-21 1943-07-25) Birthplace: Swatoborschitz, Residence: Tscheloschnitz, Religion: Catholic
81 Brüll, Johanna Sara (1862-11-29 1943-12-30) Birthplace: Geburtsort nicht bekannt, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Unknown
81 Eiser, Johanna (1861-05-09 1942-06-02) Birthplace: Nositz, Residence: Rajetz, Religion: Jew
80 Sojka, Berta Sara (1863-01-01 1943-12-27) Birthplace: Jungbunzlau, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew
80 Stopnicki, Michal (1860-08-31 1941-08-25) Birthplace: Stare Stawy, Residence: Jaslo, Religion: Catholic
80 Dirnfeld, Israel (1861-07-00 1942-06-24) Birthplace: Nitra, Residence: Nitra, Religion: Jew
80 Pietrowicz, Anton (1863-00-00 1943-12-18) Birthplace: Suchopiatowa, Residence: Suchopiatowa, Religion: Greek Orthodox
80 Waitz, Karl (1862-06-15 1943-05-06) Birthplace: Pleil, Residence: Graz, Religion: Catholic
80 Spakow, Tatjana (1863-00-00 1943-11-15) Birthplace: Stiriki, Residence: Lopatki, Religion: Greek Orthodox
80 Szubrow, Tatjana (1863-00-00 1943-10-27) Birthplace: Bobruszki, Residence: Bielikow, Religion: Greek Orthodox
80 Orieszenko, Andriej (1863-00-00 1943-10-07) Birthplace: Chabaty, Residence: Chabaty, Religion: Greek Orthodox
80 Stefaniak, Wiktoria (1862-10-14 1943-06-19) Birthplace: Garz, Residence: Komsdorf, Religion: Catholic
80 Jelinski, Jozefa (1863-03-12 1943-11-15) Birthplace: Tschenstochau, Residence: Litzmannstadt, Religion: Catholic
80 Pohl, Wilhelm (1862-09-13 1943-05-07) Birthplace: Beneschau, Residence: Teplitz-Schönau, Religion: Catholic
80 Rotholz, Louis Israel (1862-07-12 1943-02-13) Birthplace: Pyritz, Residence: Berlin, Religion: Jew
80 Stein, Rudolf (1863-01-01 1943-07-03) Birthplace: Breslau, Residence: Bremen, Religion: Catholic
80 Graczek, Marja (1863-07-16 1943-12-26) Birthplace: Salzberg, Residence: Jaworzno, Religion: Catholic
80 Karoly, Juliana (1863-01-12 1943-06-20) Birthplace: Mönchmeierhof, Residence: Spitzzicken, Religion: Catholic
80 Daniel, Josef (1863-02-16 1943-07-09) Birthplace: Bilowitz, Residence: Bilowitz, Religion: Catholic
80 Herzberger, Oswald Julius Hermann (1863-02-07 1943-06-23) Birthplace: Striegau, Residence: Neumünster, Religion: Protestant
80 Serynek, Beatrix (1863-00-00 1943-05-04) Birthplace: Milschitz, Residence: Pilsen, Religion: Catholic
80 Wagner, Emilie Sara (1863-11-25 1943-12-28) Birthplace: Slatina bei Königgrätz, Residence: Theresienstadt, Religion: Jew

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Run by Jews.
Por Run by Jews. - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 2:53 AM

I just tried to post a message in http://www.stormfront.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=14 as an Unregistered reader.

The post was never posted. I have tried this before with the same results.

CONCLUSION: http://www.stormfront.org/forum is run by Jews.

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Run by Jews.
Por Run by Jews. - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 3:49 AM

http://www.stormfront.org/forum is run by Jews,.... (recommended by Juergen Graf & David Duke on Duke,s radio show)

as is: http://www.yourforum.org/revforum/ (recommended by Juergen Graf's web-site).

Do you think that Juergen Graf & David Duke know that these sites are Jew run!?!?!

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Stormfront NOT Run By Jews
Por Zoro - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 5:21 AM

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Por Zoro - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 5:27 AM

"Cualquiera tenemos discurso libre.....OR QUE NO LO HACEMOS"


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Por FREE ZUNDEL NOW - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 5:49 AM

Voices United: Free Zundel Now!
Activism; Posted on: 2005-02-08

IHR demonstrations provoke unprecedented media attention, futile outrage from would-be censors.(photos)

Defenders of free speech rallied in coordinated demonstrations at Canadian diplomatic offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and other cities on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 3 and 4, 2005, to protest the incarceration in Canada of Ernst Zundel, who has been held for nearly two years in solitary confinement on the pretext that he is a danger to national security.

The most important demonstration, organized by the Institute for Historical Review, was at the Canadian consulate in downtown Los Angeles, where about 30 men and women, including Zundel’s wife, Ingrid Rimland, gathered on Friday at noon. They carried signs reading “Shame on Canada!” and “Free Zundel.” One man held up a large color poster of Zundel. IHR flyers headed “Free Ernst Zundel!: Canada’s Number One 'Thought Criminal’,” were handed out to passersby.

Across the street, about 40 men and women staged a counter-demonstration organized by the Jewish Defense League. Dozens of Los Angeles police stood between the two contending groups to prevent violence.

The head of the Canadian diplomatic mission, Eric Pelletier, came outside to meet with IHR director Mark Weber and Ingrid Rimland. Weber handed the Consul a letter calling for Zundel’s release, and Rimland gave the diplomat a petition signed by the demonstrators, and a file of pro-Zundel letters she had received from people around the world. Pelletier thanked Weber and Rimland for the items, which he said would be forwarded to his government.

Weber addressed the gathering, expressing thanks to everyone who had come to show solidarity with Canada’s foremost “political prisoner.” He stressed the injustice of Zundel’s incarceration, and the lies and criminal record of the Jewish Defense League.

Local media coverage of the demonstrations included reports on Los Angeles radio stations KFI and KFWB, a film report on KTLA television with a portion of an interview with Rimland. In addition, newspapers across the US and Canada carried an AP report about the event. All this represented unprecedented media attention in the American media of Zundel’s ordeal.


In Washington, DC, a dozen Zundel supporters who met on Saturday outside the Canadian embassy were attacked by activists of the “Anti-Racist Action” (ARA), a militant Communist group. ARA thugs, some wearing masks, assaulted the demonstrators, threw urine bombs, and tore apart “Free Zundel!” signs.

In San Francisco, demonstrators carrying signs calling for Zundel’s release met on Friday outside the Canadian consulate, and handed out flyers. Four persons went inside to meet with consular officials and present a letter of protest.

In Seattle, demonstrators carrying signs calling for Zundel’s release met on Friday outside the Canadian consulate.

In Minneapolis the next day, a dozen men met for two hours outside the Canadian consulate, where they passed out flyers calling for Zundel’s freedom.

In Tucson, an activist demonstrated outside the Canadian trade office, holding a “Free Ernst Zundel” sign and handing out copies of the IHR’s Zundel flyer to interested persons.

In Canada, about 20 men and women braving frigid cold rallied on Saturday on behalf of Zundel outside the office in Edmonton of the deputy prime minister, who is responsible for border security. Paul Fromm, director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, organized the demonstration, which received media attention across Canada .

In Japan, 30 persons holding signs reading “Free Zundel Now” and “Political Prisoner” gathered outside the Canadian embassy in Tokyo. The embassy called the police, who arrived a few minutes later to disband the peaceful demonstration.

At a special IHR meeting on Thursday evening, Feb. 3, in southern California, Ingrid Rimland and Mark Weber spoke about Zundel and his ordeal. (Their addresses can be heard on the “Audio Archives” section of the IHR website.) Among the 40 attendees were numerous professional persons, and a few children.

In her moving, first-person address, Rimland spoke about her childhood in an ethnic German Mennonite community in the Soviet Union, her “liberation” by the German army in 1941, shortly before the remnants of the community were about to be deported to Siberia by the Soviets, her westward trek along with the retreating German forces, her terrible ordeal in the final months of the war and the immediate postwar period, and her new life in the United States.

Weber spoke about Ernst Zundel’s character, personality and impact. He recalled their first meeting, his role as a witness in the 1988 “Holocaust Trial” in Toronto, and other aspects of their relationship over the years.

Mark Weber and Ingrid Rimland Zundel address
the Feb. 3 IHR meeting (audio)



KTLA-TV news clip and photos of demonstration

Click on for a broadband or dial-up version of the KTLA-TV news clip featuring Ingrid Rimland Zundel and the spokesman for the JDL.

Click on the thumbnails below to view full size photos.
Shouts of "Shame on Canada!" and "Free Zundel Now!" were heard throughout the demonstration as a crowd of about 30 Zundel supporters demonstrated against the incarceration of "Canada's Number One Political Prisoner."
Across the street, about 40 men and women staged a counter-demonstration organized by the Jewish Defense League. Dozens of

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more stupid Jews
Por more stupid Jews - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 6:00 AM

http://www.stormfront.org/forum IS RUN BY JEWS,.... (recommended by Juergen Graf & David Duke on Duke,s radio show)

http://www.yourforum.org/revforum/ IS RUN BY JEWS,.... (recommended by Juergen Graf's web-site).

Do you think that Juergen Graf & David Duke know that these sites are Jew run!?!?!

Is it possible that Juergen Graf & David Duke are false prophets?

Anyway, I am sorry to inform you but both www.stormfront.org/forum and www.yourforum.org/revforum/ are run by Jews.

This is damn obvious. Try posting the article "The Ever Diminishing Numbers of Alleged Dead at Auschwitz" above and see what happens.

The Jewish mason fronts are using lower class, more stupid Jews, as infiltrators these days.

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more stupid Jews
Por more stupid Jews - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 6:01 AM

http://www.stormfront.org/forum IS RUN BY JEWS,.... (recommended by Juergen Graf & David Duke on Duke,s radio show)

http://www.yourforum.org/revforum/ IS RUN BY JEWS,.... (recommended by Juergen Graf's web-site).

Do you think that Juergen Graf & David Duke know that these sites are Jew run!?!?!

Is it possible that Juergen Graf & David Duke are false prophets?

Anyway, I am sorry to inform you but both www.stormfront.org/forum and www.yourforum.org/revforum/ are run by Jews.

This is damn obvious. Try posting the article "The Ever Diminishing Numbers of Alleged Dead at Auschwitz" above and see what happens.

The Jewish mason fronts are using lower class, more stupid Jews, as infiltrators these days.

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Por Autor - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 6:06 AM

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no a la censura!!!!
Por wilson - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 at 8:38 AM

Esto que postearon a mi criterio no tiene precedentes en indymedia, hasta me hace sospechar DEMASIADO, en fin los felicito dado que esto es verdadera libertad de de expresion, este es el camino.

VIVA LA LIBERTAD DE EXPRESION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You have no Rights
Por Johnny Wizard - Friday, Mar. 11, 2005 at 4:20 PM


/ / You have no rights. He'll tell you who is guilty without
any evidence to form your own conclusions, and if you disagree
with him, he'll call you the enemy, the terorists who aren't
with him on his blanket assertions against God as the innocent.
he blames for crimes while shutting down criminal investigations.
that would normally persue the actual evil doers.


/ / And yet these are the guys that will fight for the demon
anti-Christ. Demanding certain people are unaccountable to
a rule a law. You know, South African death squad goons
that murder my black brothers. Bush says they can't be held
accountable to Iraqi law, and they can't be held accountable
to American law. But American tax payers are going to pay them
more than a thousand dollars a day, as a reward for being able
to think, that all super stars in America don't have the
humanity within themselves to speak in outrage on that fact


From the "anti-government" Johnny essay, "Stand Together or Don't"

/ / How does anyone buy this? On credit? Things are changing
from bad to worse, and everybody appears, from one or two
media accounts, to think, so what or, whatever. Don't drink the
water! A part of the problem is the journalists who are in fact
just trained reporters, who take all the perks and none of the
responsibilities. Selling off themselves to something they have
written, for them to read. Told what is cover, where is
resources, drawing our pictures with their color crayolas.
Telling themselves there must be a good reason why no one is
doing the story! Or they'll take any of a 1000, why think if you
don't have work to? They know the scores, much more money
in advertising. The odds would also dictate a small tiny
informed few who have their minds made closed, polluted by
greed, and lack of power, looking at another side, pleading
ignorance, they didn't see anything at all, and say you won't
either. Exercising power the only way they can, draining from
all, including themselves. Can you believe it?


Protestor's sign: "killing innocent people is the problem
not the solution."





/ / "why should we afford the same liberties and privileges of
justice to the Taliban. Like why should we give them the same
rights we afford ourselves. They're the bad guys. Why do we want
to do any favors for the bad guys." And really that's an
irrationalism. And yet, it was there. You know, people go "you
don't need any evidence, what do you need evidence for, they're
guilty." And the rational, TRUE AMERICAN PATIOTS, would go, "no,
no, no, that's wrong. We want to actually follow the crimes scene
leads at the real murder scene to arrest the true evil doers."


/ / [Bush] wants to get rid of this, evidence requirement to convince
ourselves of something. You know he's just going to live in his
own fantasy world, while WE suffer the consequences for not
speaking out for our equal rights to be heard, on these CRITICALLY
important issues. Particularly when it comes to war. CNN they
don't want to commit ourselves to covering the facts impartially,
In fact they will work to mislead you soldier. not only will they
not tell you about the hazards of depleted uranium, But they're not
even going to tell you about these outragious crimes that are being
committed [IN YOUR NAME]

Please, I beg you, on behalf of my Humanity,
send this post to a Church for God of your choosing.

After making my defense public regarding an unshackled word, I
realized they have decided not to attempt to convince a jury, that
"sanctioned" acts, within any erotic depiction that were in my
possession, were not then therefore proof, that I would condone
myself such, as a twisted behavior in reality. [Ah, but how many
others falsely have?] And, two, the total of images, that will be
used against me has totaled to approximately 2300 of the 37,333
jpgs that were in my possession, 2300 to be argued, depict my life
in an unfavorable light. Such as "Ukrainian nymphs"?, and Home
Lolita. The Prosecution who would like to see me serve major
penitentiary time, [more than two years, along with psychological
counseling on my appreciation of the female form, and my desire to
know what is going on in the public domain as a political writer of
the workings of, the human mind, sexuality, and the sadomasicistic
victization of the innocent. Among other things. I believe the
prosecution will SUGGESTIVELY use a statement that will be made
from a NSIS agent, suggesting, he felt, there were -000 images he
had chosen to be considered for indictment. A number that would
must include every depiction of nude adults, fashion models, and
French fries. The SAME individual who will also say, after
reviewing all my writings, he found nothing that would indicate a
legitimate threat against the original complainant, Our Mr. George
W. Bush. Yeah, gee, let's make sure a jury doesn't catch on who
Johnny is as writer of our world, and to what is truly going on in
the court room of our laws we guess.

In my mind, there are maybe, roughly, 10 to 12 images, [deleted or
otherwise] that could be argued as criminal depictions. Depictions
I did not ever distribute, or even would have left without




Oh my God.

This is the information regarding my criminal matter. I will tell
you however, most of the intelligence officers I have spoken with,
are not in disagreement to what I am doing. Not all though. I
figure all I need is some media exposure regarding my position, and
the result I believe, will ultimately bring to real justice, those
responsible for 9/11, and the reversal of the un-American Patriot
Acts. I have nothing to hide, and am completely open to any
questions. I have big dreams it's true, but my dream, is where all
Peoples are granted equal rights under the law, and where
investigating journalists, are as straight forward and direct as
you could be. I just finished the last day of my preliminary
trial, where the video tape of me speaking on 9/11 briefly, was
cursorily debated whether it was truly given voluntary. (the two
Bush fan officers lied to me that I would be able to address the
uncontended, standing irrespective of opinion documented evidence
against the Bush regime, publicly reiterating what I freely spoke
with the NSIS-RCMP and the secret service on, and instead,
attempted to twist my/their comments on pornography, while ending
the recording prematurely in midstream of me speaking. Speaking
thus: On the fact that, using no crime scene evidence was the "top
secret" documented plan reported on by MSNBC, a plan in writing
used by the Bush regime, as a prerequisite strategy to gain access
into Afghanistan. The Judge found the officers were playing
"tricks", lying, but apparently, sighting a ruling by some other
judge somewhere, this conduct was perfectly acceptable for our
justice officers to practice in attempting to go after the found
guilty we presume?. The two police officers fundamentally undercut
our national security interests, by turning out to be, as they
confessed during my arrest, to be big bush backers, and in direct
opposition regarding my public position on Afghanistan. I do
believe however that Justice, as truth, will win out in the end.

The true American Patriot,
your friendly stranger,

Johnny Wizard

If you do not attempt to forward this document to anyone, and
everyone else sides the same as cowards, my freedom will be stolen
by the will of bushite, and our world will loose my ever valiant
presence as sworn eternal defender. Not good.



Synopsis: I had been writing critically of the Bush
Administration, when the Secret Service top secretly requested I be
arrested for threatening the life of George W. Bush. They
tentatively planned to have me arrested under the Mental Health Act
to avoid a public criminal proceeding, but however during the
process, I managed to publicly speak on local Manitoba radio for no
less than forty hours regarding Bush in total, and was also well
known throughout my community involvement in live theatrical
productions I've been a part of for more than a decade. [I was
Renfield in a stage production of Dracula, and I think I might be
saved the cutting room floor in Woody Haralson and Robin William's
new flick, "White Elephant" (I played a drunk white elephant.]

Hi everyone.

As many now know, through a bogus top secret warrant requested by
one person at the secret service, passed to one Cnst. at the
National Security branch of the RCMP, I had my computer property
seized, not for the reason stated in the warrant, but to allow a
trial/witch hunt to take place, in attempts to incarcerate me for a
lengthy prison stint at the will of two self confessed ex-military
bushite bombing, child porn pushers. When being arrested, I was
asked if I would make a statement on the contents of my computer, I
could then also use the opportunity to talk about the evidence
against ------ -. ----. I agreed, but now the testimony ends
abruptly before the actual closing. While the bogus warrant will
be refused by the courts to challenge, as it has been deemed
irrelevant, as a completely separate matter. You know?, how I come
about to be in the, potentially life depriving court room? I can
only pray a public jury will consider something fishy is afoot as
foul play, when the matter isn't even allowed for our discussion as
hugely relevant.

/ / As for written material or visual representations that advocate
or counsel sexual activity with a person under the age of 18 years
that would be an offence under the Criminal Code, the requirement
that the material "advocates" or "counsels" signifies that, when
viewed objectively, the material must be seen as actively inducing
or encouraging the described offences with children.

What is it in you, to judge such material as actual, to not then
have it immediately taken to your own self as an automatic change
in personal judgment? When you read of a faulting murderous
character in a Ramsey Campbell book let's say, does such insight
created, make you less capable in discerning you own deciding
factor? The living state of fiction, is to remain as it always
has, an unbound canvass of art through imagination. Johnny says:
book burning is always wrong. In my case for one example of many
that could end becoming thousands, the expert of experts, states
without equivocation, a fully developed ample breasted 22 year old,
with her shirt off, is between 10 and 12. And, through what they
call "collateral" images, any legal nude picture of adults with
claimed youthful features, or completely clothed children laughing,
can be thrown on the heap of total to totals as an overall picture
of my depraved character. Do they include my fantasy art
collection? My movie poster collections? Animals from the wild?
My guitar playing? My drawings? Or my written works regarding the
documented crimes of the traitor, George W. Bush Jr.? Or how
about, the picture of the Talliban sign in Afghanistan stating,
selling heroin is against Allah's interest, so stop doing it cause
it is officially outlawed everywhere here forever now, but for
where the lying bush backed Northern Alliance partners are. The
two ex-military cops involved in my case, are confessed supporters
of the war action of indiscriminate bombing in Afghanistan. How
can that be so? Only through the silencing of truth in our media
circles, with their avocation of censorship in regards to me
publicly speaking, do they escape public ridicule as dummies of the
state in confusion.

The prosecution is seeking major penitentiary time on this first
time offense, considering all the human rights positions I've
fought heavily on a continuous basis internationally for the last
seven years or so while discussing the inner workings of the human
mind, and then there's the CRIMINALLY sadistic torturers I've
advocated the personal arrest of, and then of course there's that,
as everybody knows, bravely fighting global tyranny by bringing
forward the documented, standing without contention crime scene
evidence, regarding un-accountable as "lawless" George W. Bush's
complicity in the crimes of 9/11 thing. [See, there can only be
one Lawless, and that's spot is already taken by the one and only

As I've stated, Usenet services do not allow any participator in
viewing imagery, without firstly, downloading the images. So, if
your like many, you simply participate in using it's services, (of
which I'm unashamedly the largest in the history of Humanity as
political contributor) and download something you would offer for
immediate deletion if some phony cops with a phony warrant had
announced they were coming on a fishing trip to see what they could
nab you suggestively with, (all done 'secretly' to stop you
speaking truthful about the documented crimes of George W. Bush
Jr.,) is still not good enough though, because even if you didn't
witness their 'professional' depictions offered, and just deleted
everything glorious and beautiful, (just to be on the same fearful
side of irrational totalitarianism), you'd still be charged for
cleaning up your room to convey a good public impression. While
child porn relationships are broadcasted on the national news to
impressionable viewers. Again!, not to outlaw criminal
DISTRIBUTION by practicing protections there, where factual
evidence would be crucial in determinations, let's say with a cop
full time monitoring a Usenet server, but no, as like in my case, a
few offensible images, along with un-ending falsehoods on the age
range of us consenting adults, or children being beautiful as
clothed, or in swimsuits. I had 37,333 images of every description
imaginable. And weather you know of everything on your,
information warehouse of a computer system, guilty or innocent, the
information system is still to be found worthy for police
auctioning with the potential loss of your loving family, and the
tentative spot on the greatest teacher achievement awards ceremony.
Remember, rarely does anyone try to defend themselves on such
charges, due to the fact, demonizing such individuals in our new
bushite culture, is done before a criminal case is even heard.
[like with 9/11 and Jay Leno] This is why I try to articulate my
position now, before they perhaps, deny me an ability to speak in
my own defense. I've spoken to a few lawyers, and almost none of
them want anything to do with me, for my lack of big money, and the
blatant fascistic nature of the, use to be, top secret warrant that
the Crown can not possibly be un-aware of. Besides, in honesty, I
am most capable of speaking in my own defense, if granted the right
to say as much in normal speech. I don't know the precedents,
however I'm learning, I don't know the tricks of the trade, but I'm
counting on a human jury, and a little bit of public scrutiny.
Does the Court support the ends and means of Justice, to not offer
support to the 9/11 investigating FBI officers, by having me
quickly silenced on their behalf through incarceration? I fear, if
I am denied a public platform to express my defense, I will be
railroaded into a situation where I will be refused an opportunity
to speak openly. So, I come to the world now, as a safety
precaution, to insure any attempted demonization of my better name
later, will at least have this out here to counter measure. Please
forward this post to someone somewhere please.

/ / Section 163.1(6) creates a further defence for material that
serves an "educational, scientific or medical purpose". This
refers to the purpose the material, viewed objectively, may serve,
not the purpose for which the possessor actually holds it.

Under Canadian law referenced in the Supreme Court of Canada Sharpe
case, it is acknowledged that if a public good can be shown, that
the accused could have benefited by having witnessed questionable
pornography, the crime then therefore, never really happened.
(Think of it: who is the victim here?, the alleged ill thinking
perceiver they want to send up the river?) The expert expert of
experts regarding pornography in my case, who holds - out -
official platitude after platitude regarding the personal
investment he has made to advance his professional career in the
illegal porn industry, comes truly from an alternate illusionary
world, where everything that surrounds himself, looks like a young
girl in a sexually explicit depiction. Can an appreciation for
female beauty that includes nudity, be comprised of a definition
outside of what someone else tells you your thinking then about
committing a real sexual assault? Appreciating the beauty of
people, doesn't automatically lead to thoughts of grunting sweats,
like visions of cute little boys, fully dressed, doesn't turn the
bushite automatically into a sadomasochistic homo, but then again,
perhaps it does.

By exercising a right to perceive representations of that which is
freely available, is of in itself, important to the sociologist,
psychologist, concerned parent, and of course, the conceptualizing
artist reflecting on our shared reality. For me however, in
addition, the symbology of sexuality is a subject I've often danced
with, and have even considered to hold potential solutions to why,
or how, a sexually dysfunctional bushite, the enemy, can commit
such criminal brutality against those they only know as innocent,
(like a rapist or torturer does), while excusing it only on our
lack of perceived moral outrage as the public, regarding their
ungodly criminal conduct. Bushite are terrified of a free to be
world, brought about by ourselves as a truth conveyor of ever
lasting wisdoms. Why? One to one, we all make them as they are,
cowardly weak morons, with not an ounce of manhood, honor,
patriotism, or skill at independent free thinking. Their phony
disguises or secret intelligence gathering capabilities, expose to
everyone, their complete failures of stringing more than a few base
words in the form of a question. Instead of facing their
weaknesses, (as then creating an ability to become something
greater,) they instead express their slavish dying hatred of a
liberating People, a People committed solely to the principles of
freedom as Justice for US all.

To suggest an image on my computer, could be construed to hold a
explicit sexual element in the minds of some viewers, is not who my
Court case is about. My case isn't about running a Girls being
Girls website to attract business for some thing sly on the side.
I'm not running a server for illicit materials sold as a perk to
all new paying internet subscribers. It's about me, Johnny Wizard,
challenging the TRUE intent of a small few disgruntled bushite, who
are in our names, standing beside me waving cuffs hidden in these
shadows, appearing to work having me incarcerated by a completely
bogus bushite warrant that was secretly alleged by only a single
person to state, I'm "anti-government", with a proceeding, planned
to put me away silenced, with mostly naked lies on their
measurement for my thinking openly about this suffering world in
which we all share uniquely.

Sure, It can be argued, that depictions of brutality taken during
the nazi war, could provide sadomasochistic gratification to some
wannabe fascist bushite bitches, but the freedom to express such
films teaches us that the nazi soldier often without leadership as
direction, had no true ability to respect the lives of any other.
For they victimized any, as Sattler did irrationally to the entire
Peoples of Fallujah, which include the now dead Marines spoken for
as unimportant to the bottom line at being losers. Why must
America die sacrificed for no better good I ask again, but this
time, closer to an end.

Help me break into Our news media, or leave me all to fall victim
to the further enslavement of the human condition.

Johnny Wizard


The Crown's Crown

/ / The EVIL anti-Christ "un-accountable to American law cos hees
duh president" demon bush Jr., has ordered the commitment of mass
murder in our names, while his enemy bush bitch cult following in
the corporate news establishments, have refused our communities to
publicly address the DOCUMENTED evidence made public by the FBI.
Alleging, General Ahmad, bush's business partner, was "secretly"
responsible for a wire transfer of 100,000.00 to 9/11's "ring
leader" Mohamed Atta, and in addition, that the demon anti-Christ,
Our Mr. bush Jr,, had a top secret CRIMINAL war plan in place,
worked on with condoleeza rice, and implemented in part by General
Ahmad, to criminally invade Afghanistan signed September 9th, 2001,
provided to and reported on by Jim at MSNBC. All centered on not
apprehending bin Laden, (prior, during, or after) as a prerequisite
to guarantee invasion. (, to secure a liquefied natural gas
pipeline for pension thievers Enron.) THEREBY, forbidding the
apprehension of the true culprits through following the crime scene
leads at the real murder scene.

Damn. I am so desperately in need your help.

You see my friend, there are people in this world that deprive our
rights to freedom, through unjust acts committed in your name, done
by hiding their true intent from our public's view. One RCMP Cnst,
was able to argue to a judge that my writing was anti-government,
and she needed to establish who I was, to enforce the law of,
"threatening an international person". The warrant was to be made
top secret, but through a miracle, was provided for my defense with
a stack of bushite evil. I can successfully defend myself when
speaking freely on the facts, but the Crown has deemed my voice
inadmissible when it comes to anything in relationship to the
bogusness of the warrant. The Crown is well aware that she holds
the victims of 9/11 in contempt, but wagers, you Personally won't
have the godly Humanity in yourself, to demand I face her politely,
in the open, for our public good on national radio. If I try to
speak of the reason I am in front of a jury, I will be found in
contempt. While the very same guy who faked searching my computer
for the single RCMP Cnst., was the same guy who searched my
computer for child pornography. (Remember: through Usenet, images
or movies are downloaded before getting to witness them.)

What did he find amongst 37,333 images?

OPENLY a woman of about 22 with fully developed breasts, is termed
between ten to twelve, like of a woman's behind with womanly hips
and pubic hair, ten to twelve also. And on and on and on, with
those few photographs (I've seen no more than maybe 10 or 12 of),
that would constitute an actual legal argument, thrown in to make
it all look bad. Like a short video of a young girl standing in a
bath smiling. The worst depiction they have is a video of several
seconds, appearing to be a young boy being sexually fondled, but I
certainly don't advocate such unbalanced behavior, believing it
would be harmful in dealing with, as a growing up in through
sexuality as the developing adolescent. So, knowing this then,
what am I guilty of, that they are truly, as bushite, going to try
to put me in prison for? Loving children? I didn't commit the
sexual assault, take the footage, didn't distribute it, nor would I
have kept it from deletion. Deletion doesn't even matter to these
geniuses. They'll scan what you deleted, and charge you for that
decision also. You can't win to continue going in silence. By
continuing bushite fascist tyranny censorship for enslavement of
our species, will suck for all concerned if you don't speak up for
our rights denied NOW!

Think of how many curious seekers of youthful beauty out there the
bushite could seek for demonization? They refuse to enforce the
law regarding distribution. It would be nothing WITH A TRUE LEGAL
JUSTIFICATION to block a site, or scan free public access Usenet
for truly illegal materials.

But they don't.

So what the single RCMP cnst has done, is LIED about the true
reason for obtaining the therefore bogus warrant, for she has
refused to enforce the law on which she argued was the reason to be
granted my personal belongings. The refusal of the fascist enemy
bushite to charge me for the alleged criminal matter, would surely
get George W. Bush arrested, tried, and rightly executed for 9/11,
and then, the war of terrorism would be over. My writings on
behalf of police investigations made public, and Jim at MSNBC,
along with the documented fact demon bush used no evidence
whatsoever in his allegations against bin Laden while closing
criminal investigations, have been deemed by the, protect the demon
anti-Christ at all costs Crown, as inadmissible, along with my
essays in psychology and sexuality. When receiving my computers, a
Cnst. --lling was told to look for the phrase, "bush is dead", he
stated because the term wasn't found, the warrant couldn't be fully
carried out. The quotes however in the top secret, nobody was
suppose to see it, warrant provided to the judge, were from "The
Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr.", and none of the quoted
text, contained "bush is dead". Then, on top of that, when they
seized my property, I told them exactly where my writing was
located. And proudly confessed to stand on the principles of
Universal Justice, in serving for America's best. Instead of
defending our rights, they are, as cowards, and what true fascism
is, attempting to help flee, those responsible for the terrorist
crimes of 9/11 back in New York City. And don't you think for a
second, the Crown involved in my particulars doesn't know that. An
enemy of Justice is our Court in knowing directly with the evidence
in front of everyone, they sell out honorable FBI officers for
death, all to please the false deity G.W. for YOUR losses too my
American friend. Please, again, I beg you to help my cause, the
cause of every true patriot soldier, and grieving mother. To be
left without Justice for Humanity in silence, is to do an injustice
no real man should want to see happen quietly to another. Once I'm
silently convicted, you'll be too late to help be my witness. And
if you knew my mother, you'd love her too. So please, I beg you,
forward this to your favorite journalist, get on Coast to Coast,
get on CBC radio or on Winnipeg's local CJOB, and demand I be
allowed to face the bushite false accusers wide OPENLY in our
public arena. They don't let any of us on now when we speak of
General Ahmad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Enron, Social Security, Health
care, and on and on and on, so your gonna have to get a little more
forceful with your super human will power against the melancholy
return of same old nazi fascism. I shall try more from here also.

Help life out some won't yah?


Release the Press

In regards to Johnny's criminal charges.

Being in possession of that I know not of until it reaches my
computer, puts the onus on the distributor's server to be held in
the same regard equally. To argue for criminalizing the possession
of materials that are granted full legal rights to be propagated,
as not for sure either way then, but now that they're multiplied to
others, makes little sense. For, it only increases a problem that
will end up costing the public a great deal more to deride, if the
said material is found to be, without reasonable doubt,
objectionable from a legal framework set of criteria. Instead, in
my case, they've used every impractical assumption regarding the
content of what I may have witnessed. I am beside myself
dumfounded to learn a picture termed of a topless youth smiling, is
a sight the officers involved wish to draw me with as evidenced
pedophile. A term classified to include dehumanizing personal acts
of sexual assault against the rights of actual children. This is
unacceptable. And, I will not be found guilty of approving such
conduct. As to other depictions of cruelty I've witnessed by
information gathering, I can say without doubt to any as a seeker
of injustice, has motivated me personally as a public figure, to
take direct steps few others do in defense of the innocent. Unlike
the two officers who are my public accusers, I don't believe
indiscriminately murdering people by bombing a country brings about
protections for those involved for example, and yet, my accusers
proudly stated, they were supporters of such unprovoked, and
unwarranted ILLEGAL criminal conduct against our children left
undefended under their limited bushite haze.

Nothing will bottom this episode of my life, where as a lover of
children everywhere, and a champion for human rights around the
world, am judged not fit for freedom by a couple expert, pro-war
"liberating" bushite bombers. [they both survived serving the
military before taking up this police business as Bush supporters
for lawlessness - (they PUPOSEFULLY sabotaged, the planned video
recording of public evidence against Bush, that I made to the
National Security Division of the RCMP in writing, and in
approximately, ten separate audio recordings. [Oops... ])]

The bushite bombers searched for depictions of behavior sexually
impressionable readers could arguably, lose their self respect or
control over, but can be found by any desperate conniver, searching
in depictions of a rape scene, naked people on a beach, or in a
cloud storm. So, some guide lines on how best to stop their
depictions of the rights of children being breached most
definitely, should be handled where the questionable material
emanates, not with the quester of good taste, out looking to see
what is widely, and freely, publicly available by the thousands.
Again, not perceived until within the possession of the observer to
witness. The classifications of all that is accepted to include in
the definition of "child pornography", should not include the
beauty of what it is to be nakedly human, or normally affectionate.
But that is being open, honest, and beautiful, traits an advocate
of tyranny through censorship will run and hide from, for they fear
the private human element in our public political affairs speaking
freely. Bushitism. [Think of Life, a struggling to survive for
better times profiteer, and ourselves, a distant relative nobody's
ever heard of till now at most.]

I've been a widely published internet psychology columnist, almost
since ideas have been broadly shared as such. And my writing
testifies to the subject of human rights denied, as the struggles I
attempt to find, real solutions for. The artistic impressions
created by the artist, like the words defined within this sentence
of words, is but streaming reference points to the larger unbound
projections of the manifested mind. A defined, definite conclusion
on it's meaning, loses it's truer state. Recognizing the
subjective relationship on communicating through media, is
ultimately the reader perceiving this conclusion. It is not
therefore a conclusion the reader becomes for, but is held in
consideration, when creating it's over all pretext, in the form of
personal insight or imagination. An imaginative state of fiction,
does not preclude it from still being, a shared artistic work
suspended through disbelief. I can read a fictionally exciting
murder mystery, all the while knowing, the characters who suffer
misfortunes, are not living worse because of me, nor to learn the
reasons someone is obtusely perverse, make me then, more inclined
to disrespect real living, in a similar kind. [read anything from
corporate media challenger, the lover, Johnny Wizard] The actions
of a character in fiction, does not compel me to give up my own
belief of reality, or a respect I grant in those who protect the
rights of any child, or adult for that matter. I have many written
works for example from those who accolade Bush as of unprecedented
prowess when it comes to believing in the holy scriptures, but come
on, who believes that make believe horror show, and how did I get
to know people could be so deceived without knowing the
indisputable consequence of Bush's deliberate criminal actions?
The opinions I hold in reference, are not opinions I just
automatically except as my own without thinking for myself in other
words. If America witnessed without censorship the vicious evil
bombing of God's children in Fallujah or Samara, or the torture of
innocent people to death by liar Bush's satanic sadomasochists,
every bushite repuglicon who voiced political support for the
irrational murderous acts, would be hunted down by millions of
armed America men, tried, convicted, and executed in time square,
that we all know for certain without room for question.

/ / Expression that degrades or dehumanizes is harmful in and of
itself as all members of society suffer when harmful attitudes are

But does the witness of such a relationship, granted only to the
mind of an officer? Harmful attitudes depicted in Nazi film
archives, works of fiction, or artistic expression, does not every
time, have us rooting on the bad guys. For if so, police officers
investigating harmful child pornography possession, would be left
without an ability to even discern a care for any one. But they
would and do care. We can see a need, and a honor to defend the
rights of children, and I can't think of a more noble police
position, to try defending those principles to the best of our
ability. Not infringing on free thought access of everyone because
some are arguably, more impressionable to the false view of the
bushite conspirator. DISTRIBUTERS of illegal material is where the
law should not be denied a place to practice. Making criminals out
of what someone picks out in coffee grounds, is to say, some
thoughts considered, are thoughts better left alone as forbidden
when alleged thought of. That is where no god or person should be
allowed to falsely determine for our selves, with what words can be
thought "about", and what words can not. Of course threatening the
freedom of another living individual with the law, better be based
on the tangible as documented offences, otherwise, our rights
wouldn't be publicly challenged for protection, but of denial. So
Hammurabi came up with: A person accused of a criminal offense
without any evidence is innocent, and the accuser, especially when
it comes to capital crimes, is the bad guy every time. And gee, if
America does that, Mr. bush Jr. could go to jail from Canada,
China, or perhaps somewhere off somewhere's else where they have
laws enforced against the crime of murder.

I am a behavioral psychologist, who's not only written on
psychology's pillars of understanding, but also on the struggles of
lawless war committed by sexually dysfunctional sadomasochists. I
was interested to watch The Learning Channel's special, The Meaning
of Love, a four or five part series, hosted by "The Naked Ape"'s,
Desmond Morris. This world's most recognized, widely publicized
human behaviorist, reporting on juvenile properties of mutual
expression between lovers, lending well into nurturing a caring
relationship for each other.

Therefore, is a reader of fiction regarding adult themes, going to
read all about who get their toes piggy wiggled, or the
professional accountant, who at spin the bottle, becomes the lucky
"loser" of a sound deserved spank or two, secretly though,
underneath it all, a pedophile who thinks unclean thoughts?
Examples of sexual boundaries: Is not a heterosexual, secretly gay
when they play with themselves that way? Perhaps a trans cross
dresser? And some men may relate to this, but man, lesbians are a
dream come true. But then... well, your a guy too right?

Such normal dynamics of continuous change through development
within relationships, can not be denied a place, as being mutually
beneficial as human in quality, (and maybe fun,) and being,
private, none of our business, almost childhood like high jinx of
that moment in time. But, leaves a, any person public view of
definite acceptance, intolerably immature as inappropriate across
the public spectrum. Publicly get into the intricacies of private
relationships with your new book why don't you with the Court now
John, you have all our ears a-flutter. Grandma doesn't need to
know about your proficiency at.. and I'm not the same to Dick as I
am to Jane, if you catch my drift.

While two male bushite, who are now helplessly stuck appearing
plastered to protect Bush from arrest for mass murder through the
advocation of censorship by tyranny, could quip to us being lovey
dovey, means your ripe for picking on as, the soft and mushy easy
push over in the corner they see. Me? This is why bushite think
allowing brave men of our communities to speak openly as would be,
calmly, against the criminal dictums of the demon anti-Christ,
shouldn't be allowed, because they know, the world would then
recognize them for the cowardice and betrayal they hold of our
human spirit. A spirit that craves for all, the end to the
continuing neo-con wars with the freedom to love Life for being
truly ourselves. I see life everywhere, for trying to make some
happiness and prosperity. If only we would listen to reasons for
believing in creating a better world where life in cherished, is a
world where bombs don't drop indiscriminately from the sky in God's
name left for blame by the thieving liar bushite scoundrels.

The inner world of artistic creations by story line, is a world of
pretend make belief, forwarded by the observer's conclusions. I am
concerned to read struggles for entertainment, to include, cruelty
against anyone for sexual gratification, but all literature
regarding such, does not change my respect for the rights of
others, especially those of children. If anything, it makes me
more concerned on how respect for another can be better served by
the powers and freedom of the unshackled word.

I've seen more child pornography on the television news regarding
child pornography, than I've ever mistakenly got through the
internet. Providing illegal depictions for public consumption, is
where the law should be exercised, but it's often not on the
grounds it doesn't prosecute as many. See my point? The FBI did
an expensive child porn sting, running for two years in total I
think it was, and in that time, they gave away tens of thousands of
images to thousands of, who knows how to copy customers, that much
later, the FBI would argue were illegal to have possession of.
That is like a huge wasted effort OF OURS to distribute such
offenseble materials, particularly if it was sold as, "teens in
action", "youthful beauty", "buttercups", "a day at the dentist",
or something of some sort to entrap more crime business. For our
police agencies to set exact criteria on what would constitute
child pornography, and scan internet traffic for such distributors,
would be far more effective in halting such proliferations. They
don't largely because, they'd have to be more precise in
determinations, and therefore, many would lose their jobs as then
redundant. By not doing so, we can pay billions to have people
arrested, labeled pedophile for witnessing depictions of God's
beautiful children being normal - while then pleading guilty to
avoid the public tarnish such new bite revelations would bring.
Destroying families, and future job prospects of individuals such
as myself, who hate the thieving, murderous, ignorant as truly
ungodly bushite liars to the core of my eternal being. Currently,
our legal services, can't help but learn, bush did 9/11 with
General Ahmad, and are left speaking "nothing" too - in news public
suits regarding the injustice they're recorded not to answer about.
Instead, a couple confessed bushite, will conclude who ever
witnesses depictions they suggestively reach for as inappropriate,
to not possibly also, hold children, and their rights, paramount.
Well, that's just simply not true. I call for the arrest of those
that ran d squads against only known as innocent families including
children in Afghanistan, (Tenth Mountain Division), what do the,
two self confessed once blind Bush worshipping police offers, who
stand as my public accusers as job requirement, have to state on
that denial of our rights to cherish life and liberty? As bushite
bullshiters, they don't want to answer to not presently asked
public media enquiries, because being "embarrassed" sadomasochists,
they then may likewise, get off on accusing community members to be
pedophiles, with flimsy examples of what, in their minds, in an
insult to our sworn values. Children can be beautiful, but
certainly aren't, as adults, interested in being so naked, on the
six o'clock news. Do they care to make a scene bigger than it
first appears? Imagine me hosting the evening news and the Johnny
Jamboree, hashing it out with my opponents on the tough questions,
rolling with the insults and the cash offerings, while taking time
to sample the world's "best" pizza an beer joints?

Or, do they adroitly believe, they'll teach that Johnny image
something or two on their own behalves for our Humanity?

George W. Bush is primarily motivated ultimately with how much
they can sucker out of our public coffers, thereby in spirit,
advocate censorship on my calls for traitor bush's capture for

What they are doing is this:

My "official" court case, (Involving all good people I believe) is
enforcing our Law by suggesting everything in my possession can be
isolated, onto itself, and made into something I'm not of entirely.
All the while pretending, we ain't at all aware of Usenet servers,
or my, Johnny Wizard saves the World writings of DOCUMENTED CRIMES
AGAINST YOUR HUMANITY. Writings that dominate the interest of the
whole investigation, locally, and internationally. But gee,
without your help, two bushite "coppers" are going to appear still
pressing that bush not be arrested in their contempt of silence,
while praying, I not be granted a moment in my trial to speak for
my own defense literally. Well, maybe not, after all, we all
change with the times. My last conversation with the said two, was
quite a way back when they were asked to prosecute Johnny Wizard,
and likely came back with the reply, Johnny Who? So, let's not kid
ourselves, my words are quite amazing when you think about it.
Well, I'd hope in these last days, before this coming media flop,
they've taken it amongst themselves, to get together with the
loving family to discuss anyone of the hundred or two, Johnny
Wizard works of the world, and conclude, George W. Bush is truly
bad news to their world's view too.


Well.. how a you been doing anyway? Are not these developing
story lines to be something good going live mainstream... will we
demonize the principles of Christ, in censoring ourselves like the
individual person of Johnny Wizard is to be, as, being denied
personal freedom by "unaccountable" George W. Bush's dictatorship
of tyranny through enslavement of the human species, or, will You
consider the equal freedom of a telephone call, a cassette tape
recording, or perhaps, photo copier to bring us around this, we
want our still living rights heard too man. Right now before we
alls go it to the clink. Coast to Coast should be broadcasting for
America's interest, by openly discussing the still paying costs of
the bushite war crime business.

America! - bush's war is something you do not want to lose to in
further dying silence. Take it from me. Be a hero. Dream of the
babes! - Movie deals. Lives saved!!!

Business is business.

Look you might not care for me personally, okay, but this George W.
Bush's treason of nine-eleven is an evil we together, will never,
be too weak to stand against as. As indecisive humans without a
leader, we will never be too few from demanding Justice be served
in respect of Humanity's interest.

In nabbing those who committed treason against our America's
America on 9/11, needs to be completed by firstly, following the
crime scene leads at the beginning with Bush's prior 9/11 plans
worked with the ring leader's financier, General Ahmad, and how
Condi, rumsfeld, and Cheney with Myers, fits in the picture
together as likewise traitors. The Iraq war is also a crime
against humanity. All stolen monies and property must be sought,
then returned to a legitimized democratic government. Torture is
outlawed, and finally, all innocent people held in prisons by
bushite forces, held without out charge for trial, need to be
released immediately as ourselves being denied liberation truly.
Let common sense prevail.

Your Kingly King of a Dreamer's dream,

seriously considering prison time to be,
a major downer for my chances at partying,

Johnny Wizard



for all mankind...

The EVIL anti-Christ "un-accountable to American law cos hees
duh president" demon bush Jr., has ordered the commitment of
mass murder in our names, while his enemy bush bitch cult
following in the corporate news establishments, have refused
our communities to publicly address the DOCUMENTED evidence
made public by the FBI. Alleging, General Ahmad, bush's
business partner, was "secretly" responsible for a wire
transfer of 100,000.00 to 9/11's "ring leader" Mohamed Atta,
and in addition, that the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr,,
had a top secret CRIMINAL war plan in place, worked on with
condoleeza rice, and implemented in part by General Ahmad, to
criminally invade Afghanistan signed September 9th, 2001,
provided to and reported on by Jim at MSNBC. All centered on
not apprehending bin Laden, (prior, during, or after) as a
prerequisite to guarantee invasion. (, to secure a liquefied
natural gas pipeline for pension thievers Enron.) THEREBY,
forbidding the apprehension of the true culprits through
following the crime scene leads at the real murder scene. See,
with a talk radio program we could take calls and help any
others who have some difficulty in understanding the logic of
reason, as super simple thinking.

So, as many know, the bush regime is FOR REAL pushing still to
have me incarcerated for speaking these truths, truths that
stand irrespective of my personal opinion, or spin doctoring.
Will you, as a complete stranger, but a fellow lover to life,
help my cause by requesting also, I be allowed to face publicly
my accusers on the, censorship for bushite tyranny radio
networks Coast to Coast, or CBC national radio here in Canada?
Before, god forbid, a couple, once self confessed bushite
"police officers" of tyranny, (death squads against school
kids, happy funders of heroin pushers, and who in silence, work
getting un-informed soldier teen/bushite sacrificed as the bad
guys for Bush's thieving. Done all to gloriously please the
fabulously wealthy, safe at home from the clutches of power,
neo-con "Cabal" of enemy traitors.) get lost in the
translation. The fascist corporate interests are likely not
going to factually report on my trial, but attempt to demonize
me with their falsehoods and betraytals against our
communities, that is now presently on going without your voice
also heard raised yet for objection. A trial, where the
evidence that factually establishes bush guilt for treason
against all the American People will be sought as immaterial.
What the evil enemy as godless bushite dogma blindly hope for
is, a silently feared coercion through suggestive threat
against Our entire Justice system, leaving the court to have
quoting perhaps, only one or two lines written by myself out of
context from "The Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr" to
a jury, while disallowing the documented facts, surrounding my
allegations to be refused as my defense. [the criminal leads
end at the bush administration's door step with bush's own
signature, but bush, as Presidente', can't be arrested under
American law, only impeached by the majority of already bought
out and sold whole repuglicons.] Counting that our community of
peers will have not a inkling what is contained in the very
first paragraph of "The Trial...". You my friend alone, you
alone, could help US change all that. I, as a single person am
trying to stand on the principle, that ANY individual, that is
accused of a capital offense without evidence, is UNIVERSALLY
INNOCENT, as they would be tomorrow, today, and way back in
Hammurabi's day also. And that by reason, the false accuser,
is the number one suspect to start with. The enemy bushite
MURDERERS try to confuse this extremely simple matter with the
powers of hypnosis, or suggestion through the dictate of "our"
television and radio cult broadcasts that promote tyranny by
fascist censorship.

The nature of hypnosis shouldn't be feared, but learned from to
gain a better understanding of the true human condition.
Something a bushite hates like our public education systems, is
where we through improved communications, halt their criminal
transgressions against our better selves.

In the warrant to take all my writings, and computer stuffs,
(to begin on their fishing expedition to protect the war monger
demon anti-Christ,) it was argued, that the information
contained within their possession should remain TOP SECRET.
The document has now been made available for my defense, and
here is the reason it was argued THREE YEARS AGO, to not have
the charges publicly heard.

/ / FROM TIME TO TIME, the NSIS section receives threats from
members of the public who after investigation, turn out to be
suffering from mental illness. On occasion, proceedings under
the Mental Health Act as opposed to the Criminal Code may be
more appropriate. In cases of a mental illness, the publicity
and sensationalism of an incident such as this one may turn out
to be negative to mentally ill persons.

Yeah but, what about DEFENDING the FBI's findings "copper"? Is
it that anyone who stands up for Justice in America, who asks
loudly for a public platform in OUR media market place, should
only be considered, top secretly, mentally ill to think they
have a right to contribute on an equal basis, among the oh so
lauded, intellectual power breaking crime pushers of our World?
(The woman hating child killers, like naive bushite nazi demon
liar Mattis wear badges too don't you know?) Are we crazies to
want to defend our rights to be free of murderous tyranny? Are
they secretly saying on behalf of the bushite: to speak out in
praise of the good investigative work the FBI sometimes does,
is a bad thing for their future top secret "investigations" on
Our behalf? Or is it because, if we believe in doing what
needs to be done to protect Humanity from tyranny, would truly
mean, evil bushite wouldn't be able to rob further from dying
sacrificed as the undefended America?, and soon, wisdom by
communication through science and reason would rule our better
stays? Would it surely drive me insane to have our public
acknowledge our good deeds that work to have freedom really
reign indivisibly through Justice supreme? Anyway, Jeeze, I'm
already crazy.

The national security branches of all our governments need a
major overhaul in protocols. (officers who are involved in
uncovering a criminal conspiracy, a conspiracy involving the
murder of thousands of now dead Americans, should receive the
full support of every police unit this world over as a
protective measure for fellow officers. After all, George W.
Bush is an American cop killer too.)

Before my site "Wizard's World Wide Works of Wonder" was taken
down, I had the center piece (still available in other places)
"Stand Together or Don't" as a full page spread with graphics
and everything. "Stand Together..." is an essay that only asks
that our standing criminal code in Canada be enforced, when it
comes to the documented thieving of our communities as
committed with the notoriously miss reported workings of the
"cheating at play" VLT machine. I also had "Johnny's Last
Stand" take a prominent position at the web page, along with
"The Alien's Take". So get this: another argument made for
the warrant to confiscate my personal belongings and leave the
FBI out to die, was attributed to only a single Cnst., who
blanketed my entire site in reference as "anti-government".
That statement was the only statement made by the officer in
regards to her summation of my writing skills, and was made in
argument to a Judge to obtain the Warrant, just before the site
fell, so I'm now, suspecting, was likely responsible for
complaining it should be shut down by maybe.. badge waving?)
Strangely (unknown to me until just recently) as it would
happen, this same individual I had contacted over the course of
several months regarding the VLTs, (on how the DOCUMENTED crime
is perpetrated, and on our communities TRUE monetary losses
(maths)) was the same who, top secretly claimed, my writing on
Justice was "anti-government." See, I offered to come down to
the station and assist with the maths if need be, (remember
we're talking the thieving of literally billions and billions
of dollars each year from mostly the poorest segments of our
societies) to offer assistance in any way I could. (Or, to be
told "fool, your mistaken".) But each and every time, I was
denied access to have implemented, the protections of the
criminal code here in Canada, (that usually makes our country
greater than all others,) without a given reason why. [An
aside: bushite irrationally hate science and reason because
we're intelligent, while I, can't help but respect life by
learning something from just about anyone.]

Here is what it further said in the warrant, that up until now
was considered top secret. (without the warrant staying
secret, the darkness can't stand the light of scrutiny, and I
would be freed from the restraints of a bogus warrant to go on
shouting for TRUE Justice by DEMANDING the arrest, trial, and
subsequent execution of those responsible for the crimes of
nine/eleven - bush, rumsfeld, Ahmad, and condoleezza rice.
With cheney and myers running a close second.)


Count # 1: Between the 1st day of November A.D., 2001 and the
31st day of January A.D., 2002, both dates being inclusive, at
or near the City of Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, JOHN
DOE aka "Johnny Wizard" did unlawfully threaten to commit the
offence of murder, contrary to section 424 of the criminal

Count # 2: Between the 1st day of November A.D. 2001 and the
31st day of January A.D. 2002, both dates being inclusive, at
or near the City of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, JOHN
DOE aka "Johnny Wizard" did unlawfully threaten to commit the
offence of murder, contrary to section 235 of the Criminal code
against an internationally protected person, contrary to
section 424 of the criminal Code.




AND UPON being satisfied that the ends of justice would
most probably be subverted by access to and disclosure of
information filed in the Information to Obtain the Search
Warrant filed in support of the application to prohibit
access and disclosure;

[Good guy police officers might get the public recognition they
deserve in other words right?]

the Search Warrant;

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure to
information filed in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above might be used for an improper

[getting back stolen VLT revenues you mean?]

AND UPON being satisfied that it would be in the best
interests of the administration of justice that access to
and disclosure of information filed in support of the
application for the Search Warrant referred to above
should be prohibited to the public;

[What?, don't want US public to know bush, rumsfeld, and condi
committed nine/eleven with General Ahmad? Well, now I can see
why all the hush hush.]

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure of
information filed 'in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above might well pose a substantial threat to
the interests of effective law enforcement;

[following crimes scene leads at real murder scenes not good
enough for our police agencies? - US people backing up
ourselves with as something worth reckoning a better future

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure of
information filed in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above would compromise the nature and extent
of an ongoing investigation;

[Well, it's only been years now. Let US ask you, have YOU
called the news desks of CBC or CNN, about bush's prior plan
also? Are sandwich boards, posters, and placards, a police
union willing to truly get behind as the untold Justice
struggle for our suffering Humanity?]

AND UPON being satisfied that access to and disclosure of
information filed in support of the Search Warrant
referred to above could conceivably compromise the health
interests of a person;

[What about the health concerns of the hundreds of thousands of
innocent people bush has since ordered murdered, along with the
millions of others who will suffer the consequences of
radio-active contaminations for the next few eons? National
news coverage is not what I fear, I fear that no one on this
lonely planet cares to hear the cries of my Humanity for mercy,
or holds love for God as worth fighting for.


So, what now? Please don't leave ourselves undefended from the
criminal dictums of the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.
Demon bush is not America, America is America. Look, we arrest
those responsible, and we carry on, by firstly reversing almost
every thing G.W. the traitor implemented. Look, when Clinton
implemented change, he was able to turn the country around
pretty quick. Just bring back some progressive ideas. Dump
the Patriot Act, and those that voted for it, and truly bring
back the Constitution with a respect granted to all Peoples
regardless of nationality. Christian Palestinians are humans
like US too don't you know? While fixing the neo-con war mess
should start by making all co-habitants equal under the
principles of fair judicial due process, meaning: freeing the
innocent held captive, and arresting for war crimes among other
things: bush and rumsfeld, myers and cheney, Allawi and Doud,
Tommy Franks, Steven Russell, Saudi wahhabi Buford Blount,
woman haters Sicko Sattler and mad dog Mattis, Batiste, Miller
- along with all the rest of the rapists and torturers, and
then, we.. seek out all the stolen assets taken in America's
stolen name. Big job. But we can do it! God is on our side.

I was reading about "Jew Boy..." and I thought, perhaps some
may misunderstand my position on Mr. Felton. When I said,
"And in light of our desperate challenges today of defeating
the enemies of Humanity as specific unjust individuals in
"hiding", an ignorantly stupid thing to say." I was coming from
a position that I felt, Greg's own superbly good and strong,
intellectual arguments on the bigoted demonization of the
innocent, would find himself! at fault with, by not looking
for another's view regarding the label of "Zionist". Perhaps I
was being too picky, but then, generally speaking, disputing
the indefinable public's perception of the Holocaust is a
loser's argument. Arguments, that generally, refuse to
realize, soldiers like today's bushite, would as mindless
droids, line innocent humans up next to a ditch, and shoot them
all dead for no real reason in particular. [Nazis took film
footage early on, then banned it, because it looked so
completely insane.] Just like rumsfeld's blitzkrieg, or when
enemy bushite thieves dropped thousands and thousands of land
mine cluster duds in Iraqi school districts, threw grenades
into Iraqi homes indiscriminately before entering with guns
blaring, and true Americans, like Germans of yester year, still
don't have it together as a freedom force worth reckoning with,
to immediately destroy, the known of bushite with American law
for criminally implementing the sadomasochistic torture of
completely innocent people, and in some cases, tortured to
death because maybe they finally then admitted, they were in
cahoots with whomever as the "terrorist". Thereby, according
to America's new Justice speaker, Gonzales, no longer was a
human with rights to begin with anyway. A publicly expressed
contempt for US innocent, done in by the disfunctioning
sub-human bushite traitors sitting in our office. I'm sure
some might understand who the greatly knowledgeable Greg Felton
was referring to when stating "Zionists", but just think of the
Arab "Semite". Ariel Sharon will steal the definition to
victimize innocent Jews with for the American tax payer to foot
the bill as, but when an Iraqi Semite, new to English newscasts
tells you he's a bonafide Semite really, can he therefore be
completely wrong about his true identity? Or how about this:
do you think, the persons never shown for public media
interview as accepting to receive stolen property like
completely furnished houses called those of "Jewish
Settlements", contain anything but, bigots masked as religious
observers? How else could they possibly live with themselves?
Amongst US true believing Jews? What of Hillel do we fail to
recognize in not condemning the brutalizing of the innocent in
our own names left forsaken? A well entertained teen, growing
up in dum-dum America, or here in Canada for that matter, will
likely have little understanding of Palestinian Jews or
"Zionism", (like we don't regarding regressive tax systems,)
but for like a proud Catholic in Ireland, it's something stupid
he's suppose to stand up and destroy himself about while in a
drunken stupor turning orange regarding some ancient Roman
history or earlier biblical teachings not ever comprehended
entirely... But then, I thought, gee, I was the one being
ignorantly stupid, because in that space where we were
communicating during the recorded interview, we had just
finished making the correlation of mutual racism/bigotry
expressed between Hitler and Ariel Sharon. Sharon/Hitler
steals/stole an innocent person's home, then throws/threw them
into concentration camps to be victimized further because
they're said to be inferior to the war funded as ungodly
criminals, by the ignorant and stupider than ever American tax
payers, again. [See "Trading with the Enemy"] And it was there
where, Greg brought forward, that too, they are some of the
very same Ideologs, of both scenes, who want always to divide
the masses by intolerance, through racism or bigotry, to get
ourselves to die at war with our/their ignorance, while the
true 'hidden' instigators, (non-descript billionaire weapons
dealing private bankers usually,) bask on some beach somewhere
in our stolen luxuries, not having to lift a finger to command
a full course dinner. That is why bushite are currently
working to even further destroy America's public educational
system which is already the very weakest of our developed
world, and why it is preached on television in America
non-stop, invest in deregulating the world market so you too,
can rip someone off with slave labor conditions to compete your
good for nothing son/father with. One out of three workers,
officially, in America earn ten dollars or less an hour. And
repuglicons hired near homeless people at 75 dollars a day in
Ohio to walk around carrying we vote repuglicon signs during
the mock election. An informed populace, is a group of people
growing tired of being taken for victims, who might wise up and
stand for real Justice

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