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Timeline of Events
Por argentina imc - Thursday, Jun. 27, 2002 at 9:17 AM

A timeline of events from today in Argentina.

22:00 hs - A demonstration has formed on July 9 and Mayo Avenues. Some 3000 people, according to the latest reports, were marching toward the Congress. We're expecting further information soon.

21:00 hs - Asambleistas continue demonstrating in the Plaza de Mayo. The corporate media are waging a campaign of criminalizing the unemployed, accusing them of being "vandals" and showing testimony that "they've all been paid." Photos and testimonials continue arriving: [Audio of police threats] [Repression on Alsina Bridge: Brukman worker (audio)] [Solidarity from the Mosconi Unemployed Workers' Union] [More photos of repression at Pueyrredon] [Testimony from repression on Pavon Street (audio)] [Testimony from the assault on a local of the United Left]

19:30 hs - ATE communique: here. They're attacking ahorristas in the subway: info here. Ceprodh, Correpi and H.I.J.O.S. lawyers go from police station to police station: report. Photos of repression on the Pueyrredon Bridge: here.

19:26 hs - We just received notice that one of the murdered piqueteros is Daro Santillan, 21 years old, a friend from the La F Neighborhood. Daro, part of the MTD (Unemployed Worker.s Movement) in the area, was a bricklayer who worked every day in a factory making bricks for a new community hall. He lived on land taken a few months ago, on a vacant farm. All of us participating in Indymedia had the fortune of sharing with him several pickets, assemblies and unforgettable conversations. In these moments we don.t have words to express our pain and our anger. His murderers will pay for having stolen from us this beautiful friend.

19:00 hs - Report: A mobilization is confirmed for tomorrow at 16 hours in the Plaza de Mayo: listen to audio.

18:55 hs - In the Plaza de Mayo, people are continuing to be rounded up. The number is up to 1500. Many groups are there: the A.R.I., Autodeterminacin y Libertad, P.T.S., P.O., M.T.L., M.S.T., Asamblea de Villa Urquiza, Villa Ortuza, Flores, Congreso, Bloque Piquetero Nacional, Centro de Estudiantes de Filosofa y Letras.

18:31 hs - News from the Avellaneda police station where 180 people continue being detained.

18:20 hs -
Testimony from the repression at Avellaneda police station.

18:11 hs - Right now the Federal Police are beginning to repress a demonstration at Congress, in which are participating members of Asociacin de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo e H.I.J.O.S.

17:46 hs - A work stoppage at the Argentine Workers. Center is confirmed for tomorrow. The number of detained and hurt is confirmed also. All that's lacking is those in Finoquieto Hospital: read reports here and here of the repression on Pavn Street.

17:30 hs - The diagonal pathways of the Plaza de Mayo are blocked (its recommended you arrive via Mayo Avenue). From the Plaza de Mayo we have been informed that the call is for a meeting at 18 hs.

17:10 hs - The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo are gathering to march to the Plaza de Mayo.

17:00 hs - Testimonials of the repression on Pueyrredn Bridge: here and here. Moments ago we were informed of an assault on the local United Left and repression around Fiorito Hospital

16:30 hs - Today there was a blockade on Highway 7 outside the Zanon ceramics factory. Currently assemblies are taking place in several neighborhoods and people are gathering in San Martin Plaza.

16:11 hs. Around 200 people are concentrated around Plaza de Mayo, and more people are arriving. Those present are pensioners, UOCRA workers, ahorristas (who cannot get their money from the banks), and leftist parties. They are the first demonstrators to spontaneously arrive, and hopefully they can cut out into the street. There are many police. At the moment, CTA is meeting to discuss what they will do. We are waiting for information.

16:00 hs. Attacks in Avellaneda, where the police attacked the United Left offices. Confrontations took place near the hospital. We are waiting for information.

15:50 hs. Solidarity calls at La Plata y en Avellaneda. In a few moments, a press conference will be made at Banfield in Fournier 1730, the place were the MIJD today called for a mobilization to Plaza de Mayo. According to MTL leaders as communicated to us and members of popular assemblies, the Plaza de Mayo mobilization in response to the repression would go on.

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Argentinos rule!!!!!!!!!!

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