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Versión inglesa del desalojo de Bruckman
Por IMC Argentina (trad. marais) - Friday, Apr. 18, 2003 at 10:43 AM

Versión inglesa del desalojo de la fábrica Bruckman


Minute to minute:
7'00: La Plata. There is an appointment to march to Bruckman, Rosario.
Appointment at 9'00 in el Supermercado Tigre to planify actions.
6'50: At this time Police Officers are having the change of leave and are provoking again to the demonstrators. They have attacked a worker of the factory.
5'20: New press communicate from the workers of the factory: "we make a call to all camarades employed and unemployed, assemblies, students, neighbours, political parties, movements "piqueteros", human rights and social organizations to keep on concentrating in front of our factory's doors. From the first moment hundreds of camarades arrived here and now we are nearly one thousand defending the factory. We will rest here until we can recuperate it.
4,40: Miriam Berjman, member of the Ceprodh, one of the lawyers representing the workers interests, declared the night eviction and the militaration of the area, together with the arbitrariness showed are facts typical of a dictatorship.
4,07: In this moment has finished an assembly of the workers in which it was decided that at 11'00 (in 7 hours' time) is going to take place a big action with all the organizations to undertake again the factory. About 600 people have already arrived and they have started to make a camp.
3'00: The workers have started to walk around the area to attain solidarity. One of the workers declared: "The situation is of repression. We don't know what they took away as a van left full of items but we don't know what things. This is housebreaking and eviction..totally unfair… The judge must know well the following: there was a death and the workers expelled never received their salaries, never were judged, we are always receiving the beatings!
2,50: 3 army vans full of soldiers arrived to support the 250 policemen already here. They are under siege of hundreds of demonstrators who have arrived here to put their bodies in solidarity with the textil workers.
2,45: News arrive that more than 250 policemen are inside the area of the barriers cutting the avenue Jujuy, between calle venezuela and calle México. Opposite the factory are two buses of the lines 29 and 37 where the policemen arrived.
2,30: There are around 200 policemen in the block where the factory is, some witness say. Some journalists say that there are more police inside the factory and they intend to rest there as long as it's necessary to the moment the factory is back into the hands of their owners (sic)
In the corners of streets Venezuela and Chile hundreds of people are concentrating under the rain. Militants from "agrupaciones" and assemblies but there are as well neighbours supporting them. There has been some sparce indicents when the police tried to get out a van and the demonstrators tried to prevent it in fear of it being the machines from the factory. The situation is very difficult but no one is thinking about leaving and as time passes by the tension will previsibly grow.
1,45: More than 150 policemen arrived to the factory evicting the 4 workers on duty. This factory produces under the control of the workers and has already resisted two eviction attempts thanks to the solidarity of people and left organizations, assemblies, workers and piqueteros. The street corners of Venezuela and Mexico are fenced and there are already hundreds demonstrating against the eviction. It's essential the massive gathering of everybody to stop the appropiation in the part of police (under the judge orders). They don't want to have the factory functioning and the workers working. The factory is in Jujuy and we make a call to go there urgently.

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