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Caida del Gringo - al ingles
Por Elena - Sunday, Oct. 19, 2003 at 2:53 PM

articulo al ingles

Bolivia: Chronicle of the fall of a gringo
by sebastian to hacher ((i)) • Saturday October 18, 2003 AT 07:18 A.M.

Some impressions on the fall of Sanches de Losada

The 17 of October of the 2003 will be a day for the history of Bolivia and Latinoamerica. For some hours it has been finishing resigning to his position Gonzalo Sanchez de Losada, after being in the power a year, two months and eleven days. It agrees to summarize although it is a day to understand as the events hurried.

Thursday were three events that opened the last chapter of the government of Sanchez de Losada, after several weeks of blockades and mobilizations, with a balance of 74 died declared and hundreds of wounded. The first fact is the mobilization in La Paz of Thursday, considered one of but the great ones of the last decades; columns of thousands of workers, farmers and students lowered from the Stop and the districts of La Paz. The massacre of the Stop, with 28 died during 11 and 12 of October, far from to have decimated the force of the movement, had expanded it, amassed and, in a certain sense, radicalized.

Secondly, the Bolivian middle-class began to be polarized openly but; intellectuals and organizations of Human rights began to multiplar the hunger strikes and the South zone of La Paz, rich and traditionally preservative zone, knew for the first time what means to carry out a mobilization. Across, in Santa Cruz, the movement of the landowners and industralists known as "Camba Nation" organized armed poles to stop a mobilization of farmers that went to La Paz. In Cochabamba, a group of 50 white women organized a round of prayers "by La Paz" and so that the Goni remains. The church, in that city, also lodges several poles of hunger strikes, returning ambiguous its content.

Perhaps but one of the central facts of Thursday has been the confrontations in Patacamaya, where she was lengthy a mobilization of 20,000 miners and gremialist come from Huanuni, Oruro and other departments. There, Thursday in the morning I exercise repressed to
column, with the balance of two dead miners. In the repression, the army kidnapped 8000 dynamite puppies, the preferred weapon of the workers of the cavern, and a very concrete application of the discussion that it crossed and crosses all the movement; like defending of a repression every time but it does violence to.

Friday the miners, gremiales and farmers stopped in Patacamaya took a desición. "Alive or died we are going to happen, but we are going to La Paz to remove to the gringo". In the route, they guarded to his deads and they began to try to break through a military encirclement that included military tanks

Finally, most of the people they managed to happen crossing hills, and they arrived just at La Paz at the moment. The army, in the evening, let pass to the 58 trucks where miners and farmers were transported other thousand of.

Almost to the same hour in which the miners advanced towards La Paz, the city of the Stop was desert. Thousands of people had lowered marched, walking by autopistaque was offered to just arrived was of a desert city, with blown-up bridges, wagons of train crossed on the freeway and stones throughout all the way. They were left in zone thousands of empty houses, all with his black flags of Bolivia with crespones and the bicycles, means of luxurious transport but at the moment. Also in the way hundreds of women and children they hoped that ¨garrafa¨ arrives some truck to obtain one. One of but the great paradoxes of
this country, the country of the gas, harassed by the multinationals, does not have natural gas for its population.

Down, in La Paz, the seat exploded. The mobilization was as imposing as the one of yesterday, and we arrived just at the moment at which the rumor that announced Goni was on the verge of resigning. As if a pump had exploded, the concentration was divided in tens of pieces to crowd against the Murillo Seat, guarded by hundreds of police and the military.

The first police cord was like a paper barrier; they did not take anything in running itself, and ended up giving the hand to the demonstrators. But back the tanks are not movian, and the disarmed town could not happen.

- the gringo goes away

Everything seemed then delay; to four, apparently, the resignation would announce officially. The paralyzed city was witness of a tense calm, with small groups of
demonstrators walking from a side to another one from the Prado To the Seat San Francisco. In the borders, the power of Goni, maintained by most of the traditional parties, the church and, mainly, by the Yankee embassy, was begun to collapse.

And then they arrived mining, also atravezando they all the Stop; were faces left the Earth bottom, dynamite helmets, puppies, formed in frazadas square and loading cocaine and. "Goni cabrón, arrived the miners" and the detonations still resounded before mobilization can ver.La became to arm, this time to applaud, to sing with them, to embrace them or simply to give a refreshment them.

They would be the four of afternoon and was a triunfal march. "If it could carajo" and "gun, shrapnel, the town is not shut up". The puppies now were not for defending themselves, but to enjoin that the president began to escape.

The city, when falling the sun, was recovering a slow rate that had not known in the last week. Groups of demonstrators walked calm, others apolpaban themselves against the military barrier to demand that they let it pass. And until there was people simply taking a walk, something almost unthinkable during the intense moments but of general strike.

The radios informed that the Goni escaped, and that the congress designate Carlos Table president. To seven, the streets flooded of canillitas, selling to alive voice the great news. Extra; the Goni went away.

To that hour already one knew that it traveled in airplane until the United States, to the country where one grew up and where it says that it goes to live.

And all the city, all the cities, lived one night on celebration. Until in the Stop, that heroic and bled city, thousands went out to sing "Goni, lunatic, no longer you are president".

- What it is in game, which follows.

Friday in the evening, while it escaped the president and great part of the ministers, Central Bolivian Obrera (COB) made an extended meeting to define as as opposed to continue fighting the new events.

On the one hand, argument about called to a popular assembly to finish organizing to the thousands that they left to the fight. The COB decided not to raise to the measures - strike per indetermine time and the blockade national of ways until knowing the measures concrete.

The MAS would accept, in principle the truce that new president Carlos proposed Table, a journalist who jumped to the political life of the hand of Sanches de Losada, and that after the massacre of the Stop separated of him to consider like spare part. The same Evo Morales, in a press conference Thursday, already had announced that its proposal was that it assumes Table like a transition government.

In order to understand in that conditions assume the new president, it is enough to know how a data: before secione the congress, called personally to the leaders of the COB to request guarantees to them so that the parliamentarians can arrive. The fear to the town is the sign of the new government, even
before they place the presidential band to him.

In his speech it spoke "to govern without militants of the political parties", to summon to a constituent assembly and a vínculante referendum for the export or not of the gas. It spoke like a Bolivian Kirchner, with the single difference that assumed four hours after the fall of the Bolivian Menem, and with thousands of people still in the streets.

Today, Saturday 18 of October, La Paz it recovered something of life; the markets opened, is tranportes and the military tanks and troops retired of the Murillo Seat. Last night thousands celebrate the exit of Goni, and within minutes a mobilization begins that is predicted finishes in a popular assembly to define as it follows the fight in the new stage that is opened.

Thousands of people are expected who or come marching from the heroic city of the Stop, or which the mining districts and farmers arrived last night from. A combination that finishes writing a new chapter in the history of the towns of Lationamerica.

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