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screens from facebook and deleted article
Por indyhelper - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016 at 7:08 PM

screens from faceboo...
pdx-meetings-deleted.jpg, image/jpeg, 1246x1665

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Deleted comment reveals paranoia
Por by "blues" - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016 at 7:45 PM

(warning: lots of tinfoil)
You Are Going To Open Yourselves To Billionaires And Cops? 17.Jan.2016 21:23
blues link


The reality is that Portland Indymedia is doing WAY too good a job just as it is. The billion dollar gold badge police don't like it. But they can afford to stack any meeting with moles. They have the Bucks.

So why open yourself to that?

You don't have to follow their fake rules. You are the workerbees -- you do all the work! Forget their disingenuous "legal" crap. Just keep on keeping on as usual.

Or else fall prey to the fate of Seattle Indymedia.

You put too much work into this to be hamstrung by covert police jackals.

I don't remember who suggested saving comments/articles that might be "disappeared", but I want to thank them. Guess "blues" is implying Seattle Indymedia was taken down by "moles"? Doesn't explain why all evidence of the working lists have been destroyed. Sounds less like moles and more like destroying evidence of a con...

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Por .... - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016 at 8:51 PM

americanos ...muy loco...

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Por Indymedia Trabajadoras/es - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016 at 9:29 PM

Se comprobó que al menos dos de las acusaciones realizadas en este artículo son infundadas. Ante el riesgo de que se esté pretendiendo utilizar la columna abierta de Indymedia Argentina para atacar infundadamente a otro colectivo de Indymedia, el artículo será removido, y subsiguientes artículos similares también serán removidos, hasta que se pueda alcanzar mayor claridad sobre las acusaciones restantes.

E. de Colectivo Trabajadores de Indymedia Argentina

It was found that at least two of the allegations made in this article aren't true. We are not going to let the open newswire of Indymedia Argentina be used to attack without fundament another IMC, so this article is removed, and subsequent similar articles will also be removed, until we achieve greater clarity on the remaining acusations.

E. from Trabajadores, IMC Argentina

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Por did you read the screens? - Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 at 12:42 AM

maybe someone who can read english should read the screens?

sorry, but usually people outside the usa are LESS guilible than this.

its all good. it's mirrored plenty of other places.


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Por anon - Monday, Jan. 25, 2016 at 8:16 PM

A bee has confirmed no meetings:
>The PIMC General Meetings have not been happening lately. [1/21/16]

Nice bit of honestly. OTOH there is a tldr screed about how YOU ARE THE MEDIA

Written by "workerbee3" implying 1 and 2 exist, which is dubious. This would be a good peice except it sidesteps the fact it is no longer functioning as YOU ARE THE MEDIA. They even admit why:

"The birth of facebook as well as other social media websites, along with corporate media using the tools of commenting sections by providing a forum for the 'peoples voice' has taken a toll on indymedia original services. These days afford us all the ability to have your own blog or website or to use a plethora a websites that are catering to folks who want to share stuff on the internet. These public | personal site are easily available to everyone now days. "

Later the writer suggests:

"In order for the imc sites to work well and function, (we) the people should be writing our own news articles and reporting, videoing, documenting and using our voices for what we see is going in 'our' neighborhoods and regions. Share your information in a firsthand reporting narrative. Use this site to promote community and social justice activities and to share factual information. Covering the who what when where in your own words - will more likely get your article featured and/or will keep it on the front page "newswire" rather than in the compost bin.

By reserving these pages for individuals who are "being the local reporters" the PIMC newswire thus empowers people to "Be the Media". While we all know these days, there is vast massive amount of information being shuffled along across the internet. It is not part of PIMC mission to facilitate the shuffle nor provide a platform for random "free speech" or rants and opinions. It is a local news reporting site where your voice will be heard. "

Heard by whom? No one reads that site except to laugh at it. And they just admitted social media has taken traffic away. That is a permanent change. It's not coming back.

This person might mean well, but they're in deep denial. And any comment with questions will be censored, while tin foil conspiracy garbage goes up in record time:


"As your website was once interconnected with all IMC's, the degradation of the entire network, whether through direct action by the Feds in the case of Seattle Servers,"

The Feds did not take down Seattle IMC. If that has happened, the story would still be on every surviving IMC wire. This is one of the few surviving stories about the Seattle wire:


From all accounts incompetence and cronyism took it down, not the Feds. But the myth of the "mystery" lives on in another dishonest and/or delusional comment:


"You Folks Are Doing A Great Job 24.Jan.2016 14:17

I more-or-less expect my materials to get composted sometimes. I am old and have quietly helped organize many little progressive campaigns. I have seen the vital need to analyze situations before making decisions. Prompting people to think before they decide and act creates a special kind of controversy.

Thank you so much for your response, #3! Please keep up the great work.

(I wish I really knew what happened to the Indy site in Seattle. Such a shame.) "

Anyone who's been around as much as "blues" should have known about the Seattle situation. And, needless to say, bumbling the management of the wire is not a cogent definition of "good work".

The issue of the compost bin is also worrying:

"2016 Compost Bin is coming soon
author: Workerbee e-mail:e-mail: pdx-imc@resist.ca
Coming soon to the Compost Bin will be a folder for 2016. "


That's not how the compost bin works. It's not a folder that's created over a month into the next year. IIRC it's just part of the site code or architecture. Like a spreadsheet. In short this sounds like a coverup. Someone in charge of the site has been deleting material and they were caught. The extra special compost folder is to cover it up. Go ahead and check way back for previous years:


This composted article in 2013 was dated Jan 10, with no indication a "special folder" needed to be created:


The management of that IMC wire looks shady. I understand the nostalgia that makes people want to cling to someone after it's time has passed. But, if there is no readership and so little community involvement they have to admit they haven't had meetings for months, clearly its time has passed.

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Still no compost bin
Por roll - Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016 at 3:13 PM

its been almost a month. wtf is taking so long?
i suspect the pdx peeps deliberately deleted all evidence and didn't expect to be caught. now they're stuck between a rock and a hard place:

if they put the 2016 bin up without the deleted articles it's an admission they've been abusing the wire.

but if they put the 2016 bin up with the articles they don't like, they'll face even more censure. especially since one of their bees/fans has been caught changing his story if you compare deleted comments and current ones.

can someone clean out those losers already? doesn't brazil own the imc rights?

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